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adult massage parlors in naniamo

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  • Kingsway | Pholicious | Page 2

Spa Massage

Body Spa & Massage: Body Spa & Massage is a comforting haven where you will enjoy relaxing spa & massage therapies in a charming 1920′s cottage. Their open from Wednesday to Saturday, through appointment only. So if you want to try out their services, be sure to make an appointment before going. (www.bodyspaandmassage.com)

East Coast Spas

Adolf Biecker Spa/Salon: Adolf Biecker Spa/Salon services include massage therapy, for skin care, and body treatment. They have locations at the prestigious Rittenhouse Hotel in Center City Philadelphia and at the heart of the Main Line in Strafford. (www.adolfbiecker.com)

Thumper Massager

Mini Pro2 was designed for those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and mid-back.   (www.thumpermassager.com) Thumper Sport Percussive Massager: This Thumper massager is a suitably priced portable massager designed for home users. It was developed for individuals with an active lifestyle that needs to loosen up their muscles after exercise and for those who don’t get adequate exercise and need to develop their circulation. (www.thumpermassager.com)

Halloween Costumes

The Costume Shop: Buy Costumes for all ages here at The Costume Shop. Check out their products here. These include Accessories and Makeup, Party Supplies, Adult Costumes, Kid’s Costumes, Decoration and Props, and Hats, Wigs, and Masks. (www.thecostumeshop.co.nz)

Pamper Me Day Spa

Make your own reservation now! (www.pamper-me.com) MySpace: Add Pamper Me Day Spa to your space here at MySpace. Check out all their streams here including Music, Videos, Photos, Topic Discussions, and more. Know the latest events here. (www.myspace.com)

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