This list contains the top deals I've found for Childbirth Education Classes. We have also written about Etiquette Classes, Fetch the Brandy James and Maternity T-Shirts.
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Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education Classes – Childbirth Classes is the best way on how to be prepared physically and emotionally in giving birth to your child. Know all the Centers that offers these Classes, and find out all the benefits you might learn upon attending to these classes.
  1. American Pregnancy Association: This is the place for Moms and Future Moms out there. Know more on their Childbirth Education Classes here. These classes will surely build your confidence in a Woman’s ability to give birth. Learn more topics here. (
  2. March of Dimes: Attend March of Dimes’ Childbirth Education Classes and be prepared for your labor and giving birth. Know more about the Lamaze Method and the Bradley Method, and all Birth Plans you may consider when giving birth. (
  3. Baby Center: Are Childbirth Classes effective? Or are you just wasting your time and money as well? Here’s a review on what to expect when attending to a Childbirth Class. Know all the learning you may know, all sorts of classes you can attend, and know all Centers that offers childbirth classes near you. (
  4. Birth Source: This is the official Site of the Perinatal Education Associates, Inc. Check out their overview on what to expect in a Childbirth Class. Find out more and know why expecting Moms need to attend such Classes. (
  5. Mayo Clinic: View an In-depth explanation on Childbirth Education here at Mayo Clinic. Find out the curriculum in the first 3 Trimesters and check out all Pregnancy Problems that might encounter and know how to solve them. (
  6. Too busy to attend Childbirth Classes? Then Online Childbirth Classes is the Answer to your Problem! Know how this program works and view the topics to be done from class One to Class Six. Read other helpful Pregnancy related articles here. (
  7. The Bradley Method: Bradley Method is a 12week, 12unitsof instructions for expecting Moms and Dads out there. Enroll now and you’ll get a chance to learn Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise, Relaxation of an easier birth, Birth Plans and more. (
  8. Hudson Valley Birth Network: Find all US based Childbirth Education Classes here at Hudson Valley Birth Network. Here you’ll find the complete details of the Centers like the name of the Instructor, Contact Details, complete Address, and a brief description on what to expect on their Centers. This page is a printable page so it is easy for you to have a hardcopy of your own. (
  9. UAB Medicine: UAB Medicine offers their Childbirth Education Classes. Here you’ll get to know all the classes you can attend. Know how to enroll here. (
  10. Prepared Childbirth Educators, Inc: Avail Certification of Prep Courses here at PCE. Check out their Target Audience, Course Requirements, Program Topics, Tuition Cost, Discounts and a lot more. (

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