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Cotton Candy Machine Rentals

Cotton Candy Machine Rentals are perfect for parties, gatherings, or any events that are attended by kids and kids at heart. This concession will surely sweeten up your party. Here are some resources to aid you in finding the best deals for cotton candy machine rentals that you might want to check out.

  1. Party Time Machines – Of all the sites I have browsed through on this topic, this one is by far the most informative. Here, at a reasonable price, you can rent a cotton candy machine with the ingredients sufficient to make 60 servings. You are also provided with the basic instruction on how to make a cotton candy – you need this badly if you don’t have prior experience in operating one. Cleaning instructions are also provided to ensure that you are returning what you borrowed in the same condition as it was lent to you. On the sidebar is redundant information on the history of cotton candies but you might find it an interesting story to tell children. (
  2. Atlanta Concessions and Catering – Obviously caters to people near Atlanta, this website basically allows online reservation for renting cotton candy concessions. Here, you will see a picture, adequate description and rental price of each product. Rates are higher during weekend and holidays. The ‘Rent Me’ button below the picture of each concession makes online reservations literally just a click away. (
  3. Concession Stands’ Cotton Candy Machines – This website basically contains cotton candy machines for sale but it is here where you may find specifications of the machine you are planning to rent. Perhaps you want to put up your own party rental business; you can find a lot of options for cotton candy machines here. An illustrated step-by-step guide in making a cotton candy is also found in this site (
  4. Party Rental World – If you live in San Diego California or in any are nearby, you will be best catered by this cotton candy machine rental service. In their website, you will find pictures of the machines that are deemed high-quality and are said to produce an average of 500 servings per hour. Places that can be reached by their service are listed on the bottom of the page. Feel free to contact them or visit their showroom. Details are all found in the webpage. (
  5. Bart’s Carts Cotton Candy Cart Rentals – Based in Los Angeles, this web page provides important information on the cotton candy cart rental services such as the number of servings per hour, instruction sheets, available flavors, terms and conditions of rental and pricelists. It is a good thing that you will find only necessary stats and facts here and no nonsense. (
  6. Indianapolis Party Rentals – Here you will not only find descriptions and prices for cotton candy machine rentals alone but you will also find the same information for other things needed to make a cotton candy like cotton candy cones, bags, sugars and kits. Prices of other essentials such as cotton candy dome for food safety, extension cords and disposable gloves fees can also be obtained here. It is convenient that all of these things are found in one place. (
  7. The Fun Ones’ Cotton Candy Machine Rentals – This website is complete with descriptions and pictures of the concessions you are going to rent. Frequently asked questions on the proper machine handling are also answered here. The website caters to the zip codes in the bottom part of the page but I wonder why it would hurt to just write the names of the towns or cities instead. Overall, I like the compact and straight to the point product descriptions. (
  8. Tasty Clouds Cotton Candy Company – I wouldn’t deny that the website’s dainty layout is really attractive. The content may be short but at least it is straight to the point. Compared to the previous deals mentioned, this one seems more expensive. In the previous deals, you can get a machine for an average of $50 with cotton candy kit included that can make around 50 servings. Here, you are asked to pay $100 deposit for the same service. It is probably the attendant’s fee made it pricier. (
  9. Dunk Tank Rental’s Cotton Candy – This rental service only serve people from Philadelphia and some parts of New Jersey. They assert the advantages of having a cotton candy machine for fundraising – not that it is not applicable for parties, but probably because they want to emphasize that the equipment they have can produce a lot of cotton candy in an hour, approximately 150. In this webpage you will find specifications of their cotton candy machines. You can also avail combo deals if you plan on renting more than one machine. (
  10. Jump O’Rama Cotton Candy – The website’s layout isn’t sophisticated but the information found here are sufficient for you to decide whether you want to rent their cotton candy machine. One criticism is that the pictures of the machines and other inclusive are just the size of a thumbnail. A Youtube video on how to make a cotton candy is embedded in this site. (
  11. American Family Day Cotton Candy – It is a cute colorful site but the content is lacking. No specifications of the cotton candy machines are stated, not even the number of servings the machine can make per hour. Only the price and contact details of the company are indicated. (

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