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Galvanized Coils

Galvanized coil is a special type of steel coil used in various applications in fabrication and manufacturing. They are flat stocks that are thin enough to be rolled in a coil. Having the steel coil galvanized allows for it to be used outdoors. Galvanized steel coil can be used outside because it is coated with protective zinc, enabling it to avoid rust or corrosion. They are often found in roofing applications. For sources of galvanized coils, check out the list below.

  1. US Steel – This is the product page of US Steel’s Hot-Dip Galvanized Coated Sheet products. Here you will find a concise description of the product. You will find here a quick run-through of the manufacturing process inorder to achieve ideal conditions with regards to the strength of the steel, its formability, the corrosion resistance, and the fabrication and joining process- to match galvanized material to the end use. You will also find links that will lead you to information on the typical applications, application considerations, fabrication considerations and tolerances of the said galvanized coil product. (
  2. Curtis Steel Company – Here you will find the product page dedicated to promoting Curtis Steel Company’s galvanized coil and steel sheet. Product description, size, material types and the fabrication and coating processes for the said galvanized steel can be found in this page. Typical applications for the said product are also mentioned here. (
  3. Good Luck Steel – For galvanized coils produced by Good Luck Steel Tubes Limited, this is the go-to page for all information about it. The dimensions, weight, coating, finishing, weight, packing and standards. A link to the business inquiry form where you can place your personal information and then a message indicating your question to the company with regards to the product they are selling. (
  4. HB Steel – This is the order page for HB Steels galvanized coil products. Here you can specify the gauge, grade, width and quantity of the galvanized coil you are to order. It is an easy to use site because of the simplicity of the layout and the briefness of the contents. It may seem to give inadequate information but it is definitely for those of you who find it unnecessary for the scientific processes involved to be mentioned. There is a need to create a user account if you wish to place an order or request a quote. (
  5. Goldin Metals – This company has available large quantities of Excess Prime, Secondary, and Salvage Galvanized, Galvalume, Painted Galvanized, and Painted Galvalume Coils at very low prices. The coils become available as a result of the excess capacity and severe quality control of steel mills in the United States. They ship everywhere in the United States. As for the content found on their website, they obviously have little information on galvanized coils and all the other specific coil products they sell. You have to contact them using the contact information posted in their site to know more about their products and to place an order. (
  6. Majestic Steel – This company was founded on galvanized steel and it continues to be a national distributor of this prime product. They stock one of the largest inventories of galvanized steel so we can trust that they have galvanized steel coils available and delivered to us when we need it. As for their website, it is very sleek and the content is equally impressive. The numbered link for this entry will lead you to the page dedicated for galvanized steel and there you would find the properties or specifications of the galvanized steel products including the available sizes for the gauge, coils, sheets as well as the grade. It also described the available surfaces in terms of coating weights and surface treatments. The specialty or available special features of the products are also indicated here. They didn’t also miss out on mentioning the available processing specifications. If you are a meticulous buyer who considers a lot of things before buying galvanized coil products, then this site wouldn’t disappoint. (
  7. Arbor Metals – Here, you will find the product page for Steel and Galvanized Coils. You will read yet another article on the process of making galvanized coils such as slitting, edging, oscillate winding, and blanking services to fit your specific Steel Coil and Galvanized Coil. Arbor Metals pride themselves for providing efficient, computerized inventory and stocking controls for faster quote generation and order processing. The product page also contain specifications with data such as alloys/grades, tempers, gauges/thickness, widths and sizes. For more information and inorder to place an order, you may contact Arbor Metals using the address and phone numbers that can be found on-site. On the same page as the contact information of the Arbor Metals company is a submission form where you can fill out your company or personal information, order specification and coil specifications. (
  8. AK Steel – This link would lead you to the product page of AK Steel’s galvanized steel products where you can find a concise description of each type f galvanized steel product. Every product has a corresponding product data bulletin that can be accessed as a PDF file, The information you can find in the product data bulletins include the product features, their novel process of galvanization explained, coating characteristics, guide for surface protection and lubrication and other properties and characteristics of the galvanized steel product that may be of interest to the consumers. The company’s transparency about their product is a good thing here. (
  9. Metals B2B – Not much information are presented about their galvanized coils but what they have on-site may be sufficient for most people. They mentioned here the range of width, thickness, coating and grade they have available for sale. Buyers would have to fill up an inquiry form for more information such as how to place an order. (
  10. Calstrip Industries – They have service centers in Los Angeles, California and Santa Teresa, New Mexico and have been in business since the 1930’s. They have their products classified in their homepage and clicking a particular category would lead you to contact numbers of their customer service if you want to receive a quote to guide you for your possible purchase of their galvanized coil products. (
  11. Certified Metal – This Michigan-based company might be trustworthy enough because it has been ISO 9001:2008 registered; also it is a Michigan Manufacturers Association member and Michigan Business & Professional Association member. It is unfortunate that their website is not much developed that it has no product page containing even a short entry for its galvanized coil products. The website is pretty much generalized and very little information about their specific steel products can be found online. (

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