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Hibiscus Plants

Belonging to the mallow family, Hibiscus plant is a genus of its flowering plants. This plant grows in warm-temperate subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. It has several hundred species that they are quite large. Member species are often noted for their showy flowers and are commonly known as hibiscus, sorrel, and flor de Jamaica, or less widely known as rosemallow. Annual and perennial herbaceous plants, as well as woody shrubs and small trees are included in this flowering plant genus which has its name derived from Greek word ἱβίσκος (hibískos), which was the name Pedanius Dioscorides (ca. 40-90) gave to Althea Officinalis, a specie native to Africa which is used as medicinal or ornamental plant. Online are several site dealing on this multi-purpose plants which would be of great assistance should you decide to seriously consider planting it.

  1. Essortment – The basic tips and guidelines to grow hibiscus plants with care are provided for your reference. If cared for properly, hibiscus will be a long-lasting and lovely addition to your garden because of its beautiful flowers that range from 2 inches to 1 foot in size. Details on how to grow it, is easy to follow. Additional useful ideas include having a soil that is well-drained and is fertile through constant putting of fertilizer. The amount of sun should not be too much in early days after taking out from nursery. Pruning can help stimulate its growth aside from the fact that it maintains its shape, removes dead wood and keeps it in manageable size. (
  2. The World of Hibiscus – Being very popular as an ornamental plant in most warm countries, and the original red flowered plant, hibiscus has undergone tremendous development. Hundreds of cultivars are now available, with double and semi-double flowers in all colors except true blues and purples. The various species are spread throughout the world. This is the best site to browse for ways in dealing with pests and diseases that destroy this beautiful plant. The subject is dealt in clear manner so that you can follow and apply in your gardening experience  (
  3. Hibiscus Plant – You are enlightened by this site to differentiate between a tropical hibiscus plant and hardy hibiscus plant. Until then, you will know the proper care for each. A hardy hibiscus plant can live outside in locations up to zone 5 on the USDA plant hardiness map, which is basically 15 to 20 below zero in the winter. The hardy hibiscus plant will die each fall and grow back again in the spring. Older hardy hibiscus plants only came in white, pink and red so if you have a color other than these and an older plant, it is a tropical hibiscus plant for sure. Tropical hibiscus can be double flowered or come in yellow, orange, peach and salmon colors as well as white, pink and red. But while tropical hibiscus plants do need very warm weather, you can still have a nicely blooming tropical hibiscus as long as you bring it inside for the winter months. Remember, any frost at all will kill a tropical hibiscus plant so if you live in a cold climate, you should get them into the house by the time the temperature is dropping below the 40s at night. (
  4. Perennial Garden Plants – This is a site where you can read a useful article all regarding hibiscus plant. You can read why this plant is preferred by many gardeners. For one, it can be planted in sunny locations, requires minimum plant care, a little pruning will do the trick. It has no huge nutrient requirement. All these you and more are in the site and once you finally decide to add this to your collection of flowery plant, there is a section for you to click for your purchase process to start. (
  5. Natural Cosmetic Supplies – You will enjoy reading this informative site. Aside from giving detailed description to hibiscus species, you will get information about its cosmetic uses. Hibiscus petal is used to stimulate thicker hair growth and to prevent premature graying, hair loss and scalp disorders. It acts as a natural emollient hair conditioner and can be used in hair washes, treatments and vinegar rinses for the hair. It has also been long used as a mild shampoo for babies. You will also read instruction as to how to do about making a shampoo out of its petals and leaves. This site works best with its truly useful and practical information (
  6. Hidden Valley Hibiscus – Its interesting illustration of Hibiscus plant is what makes this site special. All about Hibiscus plant your quests for proper care of this plant, the exotic hybrid tropical specie are very well high lighted. It is adaptable, it can perform being in the garden or at the bright areas of the house. There are few things that the site gives importance like temperature, watering, feeding and pests control. They have this manual that details the subject on pests control for better understanding. (
  7. – Beautiful hibiscus species adorn the front page of the site. To get them right at your home, the site specifically points out the requirements. First, consider a full sun location although it can tolerate part shade areas, excessive shade lowers it flower production to a great extent. You have to consider the ph range of the soil which should be well-drained. (
  8. HubPages – If at all other pages can’t give satisfying information about Hibiscus plants, this is another site to consider. The care and tips are all detailed and equally interesting is the making of hibiscus tea which has a lot of health benefits. (
  9. – Putting Hibiscus in the light of landscaping is what’s interesting in this site. It is one of the popular shrubs that have a dramatic effect on any landscape. You just have to be wary of its susceptibility to insect infestation. Proper care is all it takes. (
  10. Growing Tropical Hibiscus Up North – The site with all the enticing pictures of Hibiscus flowers will lead you further to the truth that growing it is not easy if you don’t first know which one you have, the hardy one or the tropical one. Being able to distinguish will make your hands full with the proper care. (
  11. National Gardening Association – In fairness with this site they have all the information related to the growing and caring of hibiscus plants but doe not not have a distinguishing quality from other sites. The article says the same without any unique idea. (

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