This list contains the top deals I've found for Jewelry For Shoes. We have also written about Crocs Shoes, Beaded Jewelry and Gothic Jewelry.
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Jewelry For Shoes

  1. Shoe Jewel – Fun & fancy Shoe Clips: Transform your shoes into masterpiece with Shoe Jewels. Check out their Spring/Summer Collection here. They create a limited quantity of each pair of Shoe Jewels. Check this site every month for their monthly update of Shoe Jewels. (
  2. Shoe Jewelry at AdvantageBridal: Shoe Clips and Shoe Jewelry made from Rhinestone available here at This gorgeous line of handmade shoe jewelry and shoes clips will give your favorite wedding shoes some temporary glitz. These clips are attached to your shoes securely so you will not worry about slipping out of your shoe. (
  3. Fetishism Shoewelry: Five styles of shoe chains meant to fancy up women’s shoes. Each and every item from Fetishism is handmade and individually unique. Leather items are all genuine leather. They do most custom orders. A perfect accessory for Bridal events. (
  4. Shoeworthy: Check out Shoeworthy’s collection of these beautiful shoe Clips. These Shoe Clips are designed for anyone who wants to enhance their shoes with these beautiful and fashionable shor clips. Some of their Clips are Beige rosette, Starlit silver, Starlit Gold, Plum Rosette, Glamorous and Blossom. (
  5. Kickbars: Shoelace clips studded with diamonds, emeralds and other jewels, made to go with your favorite sneakers. Always come in pairs, made from white gold, and perfect for any Sneakers. Check it here and know how to avail these accessories.  (
  6. Mini Gold on Chrome Six Spoke Shoe Spinner at IcedOutGear: Add some Chrome to your shos with these blingin’ spinnin’ shoe spinners. Put your Shoe Spinner on any Sneaker you want. Check it here for those who want to get this unique Bling. (
  7. Jibbitz: Jewelry for your Crocs. Decorative pieces fit into the holes of your Crocs shoes. Many themed pieces, including rhinestone jewels, Disney character charms, awareness ribbons, collegiate decorations, much more. You can mix and match these pieces and create your own theme.  (
  8. Bel Aire Shoe Jewelry at Perfect Bridal: Over a dozen jewelry pieces you can affix to your wedding shoes for an extra sparkle. Check it here and buy these one of a kind jewels that adds an elegant touch to your wedding shoes.  (
  9. Make Your Own Shoe Charms: This store sells plugs that you can use to make jewelry to fit in Crocs or other holey shoes of that nature. These little doodads are similar to Jibbitz or any of the other crocs charms out there. Now you can personalize your Crocs without using any gluegun. (

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