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Martial Arts Fitness Centre

  1. USA Martial Arts and Fitness: This Center is located at 3013 West Central, Wichita Kansas. Learn and master Tea Kwon Do and Fitness Kickboxing here. You can also join their Peak Performance Team and Fitness Bootcamp here. Learn more about their ZUMBA Fitness and the Little Ninjas. (
  2. US Elite Martial Arts and Fitness Center: Be Fit and develop your Focus, Self Defense, Courtesy, and Respect here at US Elite. Know how to be a member and join their entire program. You can also take Private Lessons and such. They have different programs for Little Ninjas, Juniors, Teens and Adults, and Families. (
  3. USA Martial Arts Center: Learn Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Karate here. Take a look at their Programs, Schedules, Instructors, and other cool stuffs. Register now Contact them here. (
  4. Chinese Martial Arts: Focus your Mind, Body and Spirit here at Chinese Martial Arts. This center is developed by Grandmasters way back in 1982. Learn the technique and style of Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and more Chinese martial Arts. (
  5. Farrell’s US Martial Arts and Fitness: Be Fit and Discipline here at Farrell’s Martial Arts Center. It has various locations in the Des Moines, Lowa Area. Farrell’s offers Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Farrell’s sXtreme Body Shaping, and Self-Defense Instruction. (
  6. The Martial Arts and Fitness Centre: Located in Newport, South Wales, this center offers Martial arts in various styles and forms. All Services and Martial Arts offers free first lesson. You can also avail Private Lessons. (
  7. Southern Fitness and Martial Arts: They offer up to 40 classes per week. Check out their modern facilities here. Viwe their schedules and their Martial Arts they are teaching. (
  8. Midwood Martial Arts and Family Fitness Center: Enroll here at get to know a lot of Martial Arts. Also check out their Fitness courses, Dance, Kid’s Classes, Pilates and Yoga. Know their Schedule and Prices here. (

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  1. brian wrote:

    The Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation, Inc. is one of the premier Chinese martial arts training schools in The United State. Established in 1982 and under the direction of Grandmaster Maing Yul Jung and Master Jason Jung, Wu Shu Kung Fu Fed., Inc. promotes good health and wellness in physical and mental development. We provide friendly and knowledgeable coaching in a recreational and competitive environment. Our goal is to help students develop self-defense, coordination, focus, keenness of mind, balance and confidence as an individual in the arena of Wu Shu.

    Posted 01 Sep 2011 at 7:29 am

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