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Papagomo faces contempt of court action over defamation case
JC Vazeer said that the businessman had called his witness, blogger Mohd Fauzi Mohd Azmi, who owns the blogspot known as "Perisik Rakyat" to assist the court in identifying 30-year-old Papagomo. In his RM10mil suit filed against Wan Muhammad Azri on .
May 26 for "Papagomo" stay in judgment case
On Feb 28, Rosilah, in her grounds of judgment, said from the evidence adduced, she found the defendant (Azri) was blogger "Papagomo" and he had indeed published defamatory statements on Anwar in the www.papagomo.com blog. She also said the .
Mindef confirms man said to be Papagomo boarded sub, Rafizi says perjury
In February, former police officer Wan Muhammad Azri was ordered to pay Opposition Leader Anwar RM800,000 in damages over blog posts as “Papagomo”, despite continued denials that he was not the blogger. Judicial commissioner Rosilah Yop declared .
Editor applies for stay on court award to Anwar
In his suit filed last year, Anwar said the blogger implied that he was engaged in indecent acts with the man seen in the images on the Papagomo blog. Wan Muhammad Azri said he never published words, images, videos or created any web link which was .
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