This list contains the top deals I've found for SLATE COUNTERS. We have also written about Countertops, Acryflex Countertops and Granite Experts.
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  1. Why Not Slate Countertops?: Slate is the quiet, little known, but serious, player in countertops for kitchens! Of course, slate is traditionally seen as a building material for flooring, roofing, cladding on buildings, wherever there is a need for a very strong, solidly performing material. So, why not as slate kitchen countertops? (
  2. Tips On Slate Countertops: Interested in having a slate counter kitchen countertop? Want to know some more? Slate countertops are a beautiful choice for many kitchens, but before you choose this bold modern material, make sure that slate countertops meet your design, usage and budgeting requirements. (
  3. Durable Slate Countertops: Slate countertops are durable. Once installed, you might decide not to have a new countertop for kitchen for as long as you wish to besides being permanent, a slate countertop has low absorption rate, which assures no stains on it. Slate countertops are easy to install and almost maintenance free once it is in place. So what are you waiting for? (
  4. Natural Slate Kitchen Countertops: Whenever people mention the words natural stone surfaces, many people immediately conjure up images of granite or marble. These materials are certainly great when it comes to kitchen installations since they’re beautiful, tough, and unique, but to save a bit of money and to make your space even more distinctive, you may want to think about slate countertops.(
  5. Vermont Slate Kitchen Counters : The rich depth and warmth created by the natural color and texture of Vermont slate provides a distinctly comforting feeling to interior spaces. Kitchen countertops, sinks and backsplashes can be designed in several colors of natural slate with six profile options. All slate products are anti-bacterial, stain resistant and non-combustible.  (
  6. Countertop Materials  Made Of Slate At Oldhouseweb: Slate counter tops may be a new concept but it can be a great fashion Handy thing in your kitchen as less maintenance and cleaning is need for its use .For elegance of your kitchen install slate counter tops and enjoy a great cooking experience .(
  7. Honing The Natural Beauty Of Slate : Unlimited design options to suit every style, They will help make it easy for you to create the look you want for your Kitchen. Their natural slate products are anti-bacterial, stain resistant, noncombustible and unmatched in strength and durability. (
  8. Vibrant Colors And Unique Texture Of Slate Counter Tops : Slate is an exotic and unique natural stone. It is elegant, sturdy, and durable. This earthy stone exudes warmth. The character of Slate stone will give you a real classic old world feel. The soft veining and mottled colors of Slate are earthy and usually darker and  perfect for your kitchen countertop.(
  9. Choose Your Slate Counter Top According To Your Budget : Countless advantage like- Slate won’t etch, burn and it’s non porous too which makes the maintenance fairly simple. It is durable, waterproof and may be colorful does not react with acids. If scratched, mineral oil can make the scratches disappear making slate as the best choice for you as counter tops. (
  10. Take Advice Before Having Slate Counter Tops : Slate can be beneficial in a way that they are Stain resistant and If they are well maintained and cleaned, these counters will not take or hold stains like other materials. They have Low absorption rate. The low absorption rate also lends itself to stain prevention and they are Easy to install. When these counters are treated right, they can withstand the test of time and come out looking better for it. (

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