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Whirlpool Water Heaters

Whirlpool Water Heaters – Whirlpool Water Heaters, as the brand itself asserts, gives you plenty of hot water thanks to a reliable system from a brand you can trust. Given that Whirlpool is actually a Fortune 500 company and a global maker and producer of major home appliances, you have to bet on their claims. If you want to do further research on this product, here are some sources to check:

  1. Whirlpool Water Heaters Official Website – What better place to search for hot deals on this product than the product’s official website itself. Not just saying this for the obvious but this website is very organized and helpful, you almost don’t need to go anywhere else. It provides almost all information you need about whirlpool water heaters as it gives you a complete list of products and specifications, a ‘Learn More’ link that gives you access to some educational materials such as articles about how a water heater works, what the contents of the Energy Guide sticker means, what are the basic product features and their functions, etc. It also has a ‘Service and Support’ link that provides a video manual on how to install a water heater correctly, links to product manuals, etc. Can’t help but gush about the features of this website because it’s like a one stop shop for everything on Whirlpool water heaters. (
  2. Water Heaters at Lowes – The water heaters on this site may not only be confined to those of the Whirlpool brand but the reviews for each product are good enough sources of information. People who bought a particular Whirlpool water heater model are at liberty to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction on the performance of the product making future buyers aware of any problems they might encounter if they choose to continue with the purchase. It also contains detailed specifications of the product, energy guide reading tutorial and FAQ’s. It is as comprehensive as the official Whirlpool water heater website only it is not as organized. (
  3. Whirlpool Water Heaters at – This website claims that people from Whirlpool subscribe to this site for them to be alerted on consumer complaints regarding their products. People from Whirlpool are then expected to respond quickly. Well, this has worked in the beginning and I’ve seen responses from a Whirlpool representative on the first few comments, however, the latter ones were left unanswered. If only they have been more efficient in addressing the complaints, this site would have been more helpful to consumers. However, the statistical chart presented telling what problems consumers usually have on the product is already useful, much more the specific product concerns raised by each person. (
  4. Forum on Whirlpool Water Heater Problems at – This is a forum that allows consumers to express their difficulties and problems regarding the Whirlpool water heater they’ve bought. A contributor answers consumer inquiries and provides solutions on the technical issues some users may have on their Whirlpool water heaters. You might be able to relate to the dilemma of the site members and also find the proposed solutions helpful. (
  5. Forum on Whirlpool Energy Saver Water Heaters at – If you want to fix your Whirlpool water heater problems without asking help from the experts, say, you are a fan of DIY activities, then here is the site for you. Although, it is quite ironic that there are posts here recommending you to just call the warranty hotline number when the website itself promotes do-it-yourself tasks. Nonetheless, this site still proves to come in handy to those who are bold enough to dare repair their water heater by themselves.
  6. Forum on Whirlpool Water Heater at – This is yet another forum for DIY enthusiasts to help solve their Whirlpool water heater problems. It is also a good read and you might be able to relate to the problems expressed by the users and find the suggested solutions of others helpful. The sad part though is that it seems to focus only on one specific problem, but feel free to search the main site to see if another forum on Whirlpool water heaters can cater to your needs for information. (
  7. Whirlpool Water Heater Review at – If you want to read something more organized about Whirlpool water heaters, this is the place to be. It contains a complete run-through of the knowledge you need to be equipped with before purchasing a water heater namely its features, energy efficiency, and what to prepare for the installation of this appliance. You might be turned off by the site’s boring layout but the information it presents is quite sufficient. Don’t judge the book by its cover. (
  8. Whirlpool Water Heater Review at – It almost has the same format as the preceding article and helpful information about the general mechanism, parts, features and price of the Whirlpool water heater is tackled. If only these websites focus more on the specific models instead of generalizing this product, it may be more helpful than it already is. But still go ahead and check it out, who knows, the general information on Whirlpool water heaters found on this site may still be of help to you. (
  9. Whirlpool Water Heater Review at – Still in article form and generalized, yet helpful and concise, this product review might just answer all your questions on the innovative ‘6th Sense Technology’ on these water heaters. (
  10. Whirlpool at – This site is a review site, DIY site, commentary site, forum site mashed up into one. It is developed by a blogger who may also be a provider of plumbing services as he/she has a great grasp of the product, its features and glitches alike. The pictures are crude but the information is equally helpful as those supposedly written by professionals. (
  11. Truths about Whirlpool Water Heaters – This provides an article that links to opinions of a person from the home remodeling agency about the many defects in the Flamelock Whirlpool water heaters. Article is full of whiney complaints, maybe as a prospective buyer, you become more aware of what you’re in for if you ever push through with the purchase. But it would have been great if the author also provided solutions. (

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