This list contains the top deals I've found for Worm Farming. We have also written about How to Make a Worm Farm, Trout Farming and Compost Bins.
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Worm Farming

  1. Making a Worm Farming: Worm farming is a simple way of turning vegetable and fruit scraps into a great potting soil or soil amendment for your garden or house plants. Know the things to consider in beginning your Worm Farm like the container, worms, bedding material, food, and more. (
  2. Worm Farming: A great way to start your worm farming business is to know the basics of this field. Know how to build your own Worm Farm, Read their Helpful Tips, Adadpt their Troubleshooting techniques, and more. (
  3. Worm Farming Secrets: View their discussion community here at Worm Farming Secrets. Signup now and avail for free newsletter produced by experienced worm farmers and professionals in the vermiculture industry. (
  4. The Worm Farm: This is a worm farming and composting company that offers many varieties of worms including earthworms, red worms and night crawlers for sale. Also check out their composts, soil amendments and know how to create your own special potting mixes. (
  5. Worm Farming at Organic tips and tricks to improve your own worm farm. Read their 4 Step guide to creating a worm farm, what worms should eat, what worms shouldn’t eat and more informative articles. (
  6. Worm Farm Guide: Effective tips on how to enhance your worm farm here at Worm Farm Guide. Check out their topics like how to make your own compost garden, Compost Tea, Earthworm castings, Fishing Worms, and all other topics. (
  7. Ups and downs of worm growing keep Georgia farmer on his toes: Tips in keeping your Worm Farm Business up and running. Read their tips and terms on worm farming here. Also read their personal stories in raising these worms. (
  8. Yelm Worms: Yelm is specializing in worms, organic soil, worm composting, vermiculture, breeding supplies, and more since 1991. They their Earthworm Castings here. (
  9. Fact Sheet in Building a Worm Farm: Jane Edmanson explains the benefits of worm farms. Read their tips on how to maintain the life of the worms in different and extreme weather conditions. (
  10. Worm Compost Bins: Happy D Ranch Worm Farm offers a complete range of worms, compost bins, and books for gardeners, recyclers, teachers, fishermen and the like. You are sure to find the most helpful, comprehensive, and up-to-date information all in one location. (

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