A Healthy Outlook

fengMy house makes me sick. Actually, it doesn’t make me physically sick and it doesn’t really cause to me throw up in disgust. However, there seems to be less healthy aspects to it than my body demands. What could I do to make it (and me) healthier?

For a start, I could look at getting hold of some game room ideas. This could give me some much needed exercise. Unless the ideas involve playstations and PCs, I guess. I would really like an indoor rock climbing centre for my spare room but I don’t know if that it asking too much.

Cowboy hats could help me get healthier. I say that because I take part in line dancing classes with no lineinferiority complex and without having a cold head. Line dancing was starting to get cool in the UK when I left there and I have no idea if it still or whether I will look like a hopelessly outdated fool when I slip on my hat and boots and start kicking those old rooting tooting legs of mine.

For having healthier feer walking cradle shoes have got to be good, haven’t they? I can’t claim to have ever tried them before but I am guessing that they are shoes which cradle your feet in a cradling type way. I am not wrong, am I? I really need my feet to be cradled now that I realise that it is a possibility.
Would having a centrifugal blower near my bed help me in any way? I have never before considered the long term health benefits of centrifugal blowing but now that I stop to think about it I realise that it could be the answer to my problems. Instead of feng shui or zen or any other sort of generally accepted way of balancing the house’s forces I could blow them all over the place. It’s got to be worth a try.

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