My Shiny New Apps

smartI finally entered the 21st century the other day. Actually, I am not quite in it yet but I have at least opened the door to it and I am having a look around. After years of resisting I finally went to have a look at some smartphones. My current phone is pretty dumb, in that it can only make phone calls and send messages.

I have heard that there are plenty of things called apps you can use on them, but are there ones which I want?

For a start, I would quite like an app on how to build a pergola. Does this even exist? If it doesn’t could I ask some technologically inclined DIY expert to make one for me, please? Thanks

mobileAnother great app would be one which turned your phone into a wood burning stove. I am sure that there must be current technology around which would let us do this, right? It would be great to see some virtual flames coming out the screen as I slipped a couple of tasty burgers on top of it. Would it do chicken as well or would I need a tablet for that?

I would be delighted if I could turn my smart new phone into a retro car stereo as well. The stereo in my car doesn’t work so I need to make do with singing along to the tunes in my head. Now, if I could make the phone look like an old car radio and listen to stuff like The Eagles and Billy Joel on it I would be able to drive while tapping my feet in a recklessly hip way.

It would be pretty cool if you could turn iPhones or Android phones into cowboy hats. Well, I guess you simply put one of them on your head as it is but it wouldn’t look very good, would it? No, what the world needs is an app which causes the app to turn into a ten gallon effort. If someone can give me that then I will defnitely buy one.

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