The Sun’s Going to Flip Its What?

sunI just read that the sun is about its flip its magnetic field and I got really worried. Then I realised that I don’t even know what this means. Unless we are all going to perish in a giant ball of flames or get drawn into a giant gravity field I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. However, what if I had to fly close to the sun on a mission to save the Earth? Would it be any fun?

First of all, I would want a blooming good spaceship to take me up there. If I turned up at the launch and discovered a rusty old mobile home with a couple of rockets strapped onto it I would start worrying that maybe some people were thinking that they wasn’t much point spending a lot of money on a ship that wasn’t going to be coming back anyway. I would want a good stereo system, a mini bar with plenty of Sprite and not that diet stuff, and maybe some fluffy pillows.

solWouldn’t a bounce house in a spaceship be a great idea? In fact, I am surprised that the bosses at NASA haven’t thought of this before. Gravity free bouncing would be like, hang on, it would be just like floating over something bouncy really. Actually, I’ll save this pleasure for when I return to Earth’s gravity as a hero.

I read a while ago aboutt he Japanese robot which is being sent up to the International Space Station to keep astronauts company. This doesn’t make a lot of sense though, does it? Surely it would be far better to have a talkative African grey parrot there to talk away to you. Actually, if they can create a parrot robot that would be cool.

Would I listen to some rap beats with my parrot robot while I circled the sun on a foolish mission? I guess it makes as much sense as going there in the first place.

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