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African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot: These certain Parrots are one of the most intelligent and enjoyable Parrots! Know how to maximize their talents here. Know their history, breed, and other informative stuffs.
  1. Wikipedia: The African Grey Parrot is a medium-sized parrot found in the rainforest of West and Central Africa. Get to know more about its Mimicry and Intelligence here. (
  2. The African Grey Parrot: This is a site dedicated in giving us all the information about the African Grey parrot. Know more about its Bio, know the proper Care, and others. You can also watch African Grey Parrot Training Videos here. (
  3. Google Images: Find all Images compiled by Google for the African Grey Parrot. View these images and see how an African Grey Parrot looks like. (
  4. African Grey Training: Everything you want to learn about how to train your African Grey Parrot is here. View African Grey Information, its proper training, and proper Diet. (
  5. YouTube: One of the famous African Grey Parrot named Einstein shows its trick here at YouTube. This is just a 3 minute video but full of tricks! Be sure to watch it here! (
  6. Bird Tricks: Know how you fix your Parrot’s Problems here at Bird Tricks. Know all the common problems of your African Grey parrot here. Know the proper Training, and their Natural Behavior. Watch Training videos here. (
  7. It’s a Grey World: This is an article written by one of their editors. This page discusses information about the African Grey Parrots. Know their information, diet, training programs, characteristics, and nature. (
  8. Grey Parrot FAQs: Read FAQs about these African Grey parrots here at Up At Six. Know more about their origin, race, history, and a lot more. If your question is still not posted and answered, email the editor and wait for his reply.  (
  9. African Grey Parrot Centre: A UK site that has articles about these talented African Grey Parrots. You can join their community and discuss topics about these birds. (
  10. African Grey Parrot Online: This is your online help guide for your African Grey Parrots. Join their community and meet Breeders and Buyers of these African Grey Parrots here. Know their diet as well as their characteristics here. (

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    […] African grey parrot. Just to prove that I have chosen them at random we have started off with a really difficult one. One of my neighbours have a parrot but it is neither grey nor does it have African roots as far as I know. Hmmm. Ah, hold on, when I check it out there are two subspecies and one is the Congo African Grey Parrot. I have a friend from Scotland who is living in the Congo doing voluntary work just now. He almost certainly has contact with Congo African Grey Parrots on a daily basis I would think. A weak start but let’s see what the next one is out the hat. […]

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    […] don’t seem many magicians working with parrots these days, do you? I could use an African grey parrot and put him in one of those boxes where it looks as though the person is being cut in half but they […]

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