Am I a Stupid Motorist?

stupidI only just discovered that Arizona has something which is commonly known as the stupid motorist law. This is a fantastic piece of legislation obviously, as it lets you know exactly what you are accused of being. However, I can’t help wondering if I might be classed as a stupid motorist if I ever wander into Arizona at some point.

Would it be irredeemably stupid to drive in Arizona while wearing waking cradle shoes? I only ask because I usually wear my sandals to drive but they just snapped when I was chasing a pigeon round the garden with a hose (it’s a long story) so I am on the look out for some new driving shoes as long as they don’t get me labelled as stupid.

stoopidSomething I have genuinely thought about in the past is ripping out my car seats and putting in a leather sofa. You know, to be more comfortable and stuff. This sounds like a great idea but I have a nagging fear that the cops in Mesa would class me as being a bit dim if I did this.

Does it get cold in Phoenix in winter? I am just wondering if fittingĀ  electric fireplaces into vehicles would be classed as stupidity or as a fairly clever way of planning ahead. I could be as snug as a bug in a rug while driving out to see what the area has to offer in terms of views and things to do. There’s a desert somewhere around these parts, isn’t there?

Would driving vintage snowmobiles be enough to get me labelled as dumb? I guess that if there is a desert in these parts it would look a trifle odd to see a tourist rolling about in one of these. I have always wanted to drive one, though, and I reckon that the good people of Arizona should relax their laws just a little bit and let a stupid motorist like me enter their state and live out my dreams in a snowmobile.

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