What Else Can We Make Smart?

watvhI have just about got the hang of smart phones and now it appears that they are going to bring out a smart watch as well. The smartest watch I have ever had played 7 different Beatles melodies on it and was waterproof up to about 3 centimetres of depth. This was a few years ago and I can’t even imagine what a modern smart phone will be like. Will it have 10 Beatles melodies and be able to withstand a whole 10 centimetres of water? Perhaps more of a pressing issue is around what other objects we can make smarter than us now.

I like the sound of smart landscaping pictures which has a touchscreen. This would let you change the image or the colours on it with the swipe of a hand. These would be great for changing the mood of a room and I expect to see one soon, if they don’t already exist that is.

technoWhat about a smart leather sofa? This sounds like a great idea but I am not sure in what way it would use its intelligence. Would it learn your favourite sitting and lying positions and then mould itself around you? This sounds great but what if it wasn’t as clever as we thought and it ended up suffocating me? I think I will pass on the smart sofa for the time being.

Would a smart toilet paper holder make our lives a lot easier? I guess it might. I mean, without getting into gruesome details, it would know exactly how much paper to give you after each poop because it would be linked in to the toilet’s brain. This would really make our lives a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

I guess that smart copper gutters could monitor any blockages and send you an automatic message to your smart hat or smart socks telling you that it is time to get them cleaned. Hey, that could be really useful after all.


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