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Toilet Paper Holder

Before the advent of paper (i.e. catalogs, newspapers, used writing paper, small strips of brown paper and more), items such as leaves, rags, stones and a dip in the nearest pool of water, were the items used for toilet hygiene.  The use of toilet paper came into widespread use in the 19th century.  Today there are different types of toilet paper in the market. Whether you roll over or roll under your toilet paper is none of my business. What I’d like to share are the different types of toilet paper holder.

  1. Types of Toilet Paper Holder: What would hold a toilet paper if there’s no toilet paper holder in the bathroom? Yes!  A toilet paper holder is a necessary organizer in the bathroom. There are different types, styles, materials and colors of toilet paper holder.  Generally, there are three types of toilet paper holder based on type: freestanding; recessed and wall-mounted. A sub-type is a commercial wall-mounted type used in public toilets. (
  2. Toilet Paper Holders: There are plenty of toilet paper holders made from metal such as nickel, brass, aluminum and chrome.  Manufacturers from all over the world have come up with a wide range of wall-mounted toilet paper holder in terms of designs and styles. This website features  toilet paper holders made from different metals.(
  3. Single Post Brass/Antique Toilet Paper Holder: This website has a wide range of single post toilet paper holder made from brass, chrome, nickel, stainless steel and aluminum.  The pieces are in antique style though there other models here featured in traditional and contemporary styles. (
  4. Free-standing Tissue Paper Holder: This style of tissue paper holder is a splendid accessory for a bathroom. It will definitely add some point of interest to a bathroom, no matter what its design is.  However this style of tissue paper holder may not bode well for a children’s bathroom as it might tip and tumble. (
  5. Brushed Nickel  Toilet Paper Holder: It is true that a toilet paper holder is a practical way to get hold of tissue paper while in the bathroom. They come in different finishes to best complement your bathroom. A popular choice is brushed nickel as it is very affordable. (
  6. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder: A recessed toilet paper holder is a very traditional style. It is practical and unobtrusive in a way. They come in a variety of materials, styles and designs. A popular choice for contemporary bathrooms is the oil-rubbed bronze toilet paper holder. It is bold, functional and very cheap. (
  7. Wood Toilet Paper Holder: Free-standing or recessed; single post or double-post, a wood toilet paper holder is beautiful choice for a tissue paper holder.  A wood toilet paper holder brings in a sense of nature in the bathroom.  Believe it or not, a fresh-smelling and fresh-looking bathroom is calming. We all want some peace and quiet while in the bathroom, right? (
  8. Standing Magazine Rack Chrome Toilet Paper Holders: Here are some more free-standing toilet paper holders made of chrome. Some pieces have a rack for magazines while some styles  have space for 2-3 extra rolls of reserve tissue paper.(
  9. 10 Alternative Ways to Store Toilet Paper: Of course there’s nothing easier than buying a tissue paper holder for “holding” a roll of tissue paper. But, not everyone wants to conform. There are those who prefer to be creative and innovative with their DIY solutions for a toilet paper holder. (
  10. 12 Funniest Toilet Paper Holder:  There are designer toilet paper holders and there are budget toilet paper holders. However, there are toilet paper holders that are novelty pieces, out to make those special moments of the day a bit fun.  Here are 12 novelty toilet paper holders that are unique, funny and useful. (

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