This list contains the top deals I've found for Light Switch Covers. We have also written about Fluorescent Light Covers, Outdoor Furniture Covers and Leopard Seat Covers.
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Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers are not just for function and aesthetics but also for safety.  Just imagine a tangled mess of electric wires running to and from the bedroom ceiling light. Without a light switch cover it would be next to impossible to turn on a light without suffering  a minor jolt from the live light wires.  A light switch cover is a pleasing, enhancing and safe way to cover light switches.

  1. Wall Switch Plates by Function: Light switch covers, wall plates, switch plate covers or electric wall plates are all the same. There is the traditional toggle light switch, the pushbutton light switch, the Decora and the split function cover plates.  There are single, double and up to six toggle or Decora holes in a gang of light switch cover. (
  2. Switchplate and Outer Cover Types:  A light switch cover is not just a switch plate. There are 3 basic types of light switch covers available in the market. The first light switches were toggle switches and it goes without saying that a toggle light switch cover is the most traditional.  A paddle light switch cover, also called Decora, Rocker or GFCI, has rectangular holes. (
  3. Switch Plate Covers by Style: The first ever light switch cover could have been wood or metal. Whatever, they protected the residents of the house from electrical zaps. Today there are different materials used for light switch covers. Examples are: forged brass; standard plastic; standard pressed; porcelain enamel and more. They come in various styles too such as Victorian, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco Style. Peruse this website for more information. (
  4. Double Toggle Switch Plates: For majority of residential homes, the most common type of light switch plate by function are double and triple light switches. Whether you are looking for a colonial Decora light switch or traditional toggle light switch, this site has offerings that will match your home. (
  5. Advance Search: Switchplates: Most websites selling light switch covers have 1 to 4 holes for switches. There are models with 6 holes for the switches. This website offers the general public bronze, red, pewter, white and cream light switch covers with 7 to 8 holes, in toggle and Decora style. Now that is a lot of holes for a gang light. (
  6. Corian – Switch Plates & Outlet, GFI, Decora Covers: Earth tones, pastels, whites and creams might not be your preference for light switch cover. Well, there are switch covers that come in bright, primary colors.  This switch cover is for a more customized look for the bedroom, family room, bathroom and even the kitchen. They come in matching color with outlet and cable covers. (
  7. Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate Covers in All Sizes Up to 10 Gang: This website is quite remarkable as it sells toggle switches in customized sizes. Note that toggle switches were the standards before the Decora or rocker switches. However, a  toggle light switch cover is still the preference of  most homeowners and home renovators.  If your house is Arts & Crafts or Americana or Traditional style, this website has the right toggle light switch cover for your home. (
  8. Van Gogh Switch Plates: Who would not want a Van Gogh right in his house?  Well, since an original Van Gogh would probably be way beyond your budget, you might want to consider a Starry Night or Sunflowers or Oleanders by Van Gogh “painted” on your light switch covers. Great piece of artwork! (
  9. Wooden Switch Plate Covers: The look of natural wood is classic. It is warm and personal. This website has a variety of wooden switch plates for the discerning homeowner. The available wooden switch plates are pine, bamboo, cherry, birch and more. These light switch covers will look great in any room. (
  10. Papered Switch Plates:  Sometimes,  a too traditional light cover switch is boring. On the other hand,  a too bright or busy light cover switch could be tiring.  A novel idea is to cover the switch plate with sheet music or wall paper or even a photo of you printed on paper. All you need is pair of sharp scissors, craft glue and paper for covering the light switch cover. (

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