Recipes for a Happy Toddler

My daughter is a really fussy eater but I can’t complain too much, since I am as well and always have been. Now, what could I find to get both of us munching away happily together every day?

Did I once read somewhere that drinking coffee can help you gain an appetite? Maybe I am mistaken but wouldn’t it be great to drink a few cups together in the morning? I could find the best coffee maker around and I could mix it with her baby milk. Hang on, aren’t you meant to keep babies away from coffee? At the very least it would make her even more hyperactive and at the worst she would want me to make her a blooming frozen caramel moccachino or something else weird.

Alternatively, I could buy some fly fishing supplies and got and get hold of some whoppers. The only problem is that I hate fish. Actually,  tuna is ok but somehow I don’t think I would be able to fish quite so selectively. The little one hasn’t yet tried fish so her thoughts on the matter are not yet known. However, she seems to have remarkably similar tastes to me so far, so I reckon that fish is off the menu.

Is it advisable to take a toddler premium lobster dining? I have never done this but with her second birthday coming up it could make for an interestingly themed birthday party. Instead of cake and jelly there could be crab cake and jellied eels.

I saw some details of catering in Winnipeg and to be honest it sounds pretty good. The only problem is that the food would be cold by the time it got here. Maybe I should look for catering services closer to home and stay out of the kitchen for good. After all. it is much more fun to play with toys and watch cartoons than to slave over a hot cooker and watch carrots and potatoes stuff bob away in the hot water.

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