This list contains the top deals I've found for Catering in Winnipeg. We have also written about Four New Exercises and Diets, Recipes for a Happy Toddler and Creative in the Kitchen.
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Catering in Winnipeg

Catering in Winnipeg – Caterers are essential part of any gathering for they have the time to chat with one another while enjoying good food. focus to the folling restaurants below and view their wide range of food perfect for catering.
  1. Menu Manitoba: This is your Manitoba guide for all Catering Businesses in Manitoba and Winnipeg area. Check out their alphabetically arranged links here. (
  2. Amici: This Restaurant in Winnipeg ensures every day that they meet their 100% customer satisfaction. For their Catering services, you might want to take a look at their Lunch and Dinner Menu. Take a virtual tour of all the things you need to know. (
  3. Menu Palace: Having Trouble in looking for catering service in your area? Menu Place is where you might want to go. This is North America’s ultimate restaurant and Hospitality Guide. Here you’ll get data on all existing Winnipeg Caterers serving Winnipeg. View their address and complete contact details here. (
  4. De Luca’s: Enjoy their world-class Specialty Foods Cooking School and Restaurant. Find out what’s latest in their cookbook, check out their recipes, and their more. Visit their restaurants now for all your Food and Catering needs. Read their latest news and upcoming events here. (
  5. Food For Thought: For all Catering and Frozen Food Services., go to Food For thought. For their Catering services, they can serve you all sorts of Sandwiches,, Wraps, Salads, Soups, Desserts, and more. Check out their Full list of Food here, ready for pickup and delivery. (
  6. Baked Expectations:  Baked Expectations offers only the best baked foods ready for Catering. Check out their Hours here. For their list of Food they serve, check out their Menu. Baked Expectations is located in Osborne St., Winnipeg. (
  7. Star Grill: For 14 years, Star Grill is one of the best caterers in the Winnipeg area. Find out why with these reviews and testimonies written by their past clients. (
  8. Homer’s: Homer’s Restaurant and Catering is your ultimate Greek Restaurant within your reach! Contact them now and let them cater your next business meetings! Check out their complete brochure here. (

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