Could You Live Far from Civilisation?

peruEver since I moved from the UK to South America I have felt just a little bit isolated from things. Of course, with internet and cable TV these days it is pretty much impossible to be really cut off from the world now. Or is it? It appears that a group of Peruvians who live in a remote, isolated tribe have just established contact with villagers to ask for food. What would it be like to live so far from civilisation?

For a start, they don’t need any shoe repair shops; coz they ain’t got no blooming shoes. I have occassionally wondered what it would be like to live without basic items of clothing like shoes. In fact, one day I went to the shops to buy some eggs and the strap on one of my sandals broke. I really had no option but to walk back to my house barefoot over a difficult, cobbled street. It was good fun and really rather liberating but not quite the same as living without footwear. Maybe we could have a worldwide No Shoes Day.

educadorYou wouldn’t need landscaping pictures either because, hey, nature is all around you. I lived in the jungle for a few months and it was an amazing experience but I simply can’t imagine living there for a long time. I couldn’t even get the BBC World Service tuned in.

What would these isolated tribes think of modern technology? Even I am baffled by my wife’s new smartphone and I have been surrounded by civilisation and buildings and stuff all my life. If I lived in the jungle for more than a year I would probably fall over backwards when confronted by a camera and fall to my knees to worship a laptop battery.

Of course, remote tribes do some things better than us. Make an outdoor fire pit, for example. I ate some cracking chicken and bananas that the guides in the jungle made by digging a hole, lighting a fire and covering it with leaves. I’ll need to try that in my garden one day.

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