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Landscaping Pictures

A house would be more of a home if there are elements of nature such as trees and flowers in and around it. A garden, no matter how small, can very well promote one’s sense of well-being.  Different shades of the color green are certainly de-stressing.  Here are some unique and beautiful landscaping pictures for the eyes to feast on.

  1. 10 Most Breathtaking Gardens in the World: Wow! The planners and designers involved in the creation of these wonderful gardens were brilliant!  These landscape masterpieces took decades and decades of hard work to achieve such perfection. (
  2. 10 Most Unique Gardens Around the World: From Pakistan to Japan to America to France and Canada are the top 10 most unique landscapes scenes. There are beautiful flower gardens to  botanical gardens and waterscapes that present unique, beautiful and refreshing scenes. (
  3. Simplicity and Elegance: Using Japanese Style in Your Garden: Japanese garden designers are very proficient in selecting the elements, planning and staging of Japanese landscape design. A Japanese landscape oozes with serenity, tranquility and precision.(
  4. Country Cottage Landscape: There is something eclectic, rural and informal in a country cottage landscaping ideas. Such landscaping is an explosion of colors, textures, scents, natural stones and probably a white picket fence and a small pond. (
  5. Tropical Garden Ideas: Living in a place where tropical plants thrive has its perks. One of these is the fact that tropical plants are more exotic and colorful.  This website has hundreds of photos presenting tropical garden ideas. You don’t have to be a pro gardener to come up with a beautiful tropical landscape.(
  6. Contemporary Gardens (video): This website features a video clip of simple yet interesting contemporary landscaping. The important aspects employed in the landscaping concept are balance, play of colors, textures and availability of plants. (
  7. Garden Design Ideas -About English Gardens: There is nothing formal and strict in the English garden landscape presented on this website. The plants’ colorings are so harmonious and calming.  The varied heights, groupings, textures and colors of the plants are unique and interesting. Though the landscape looks spontaneous and unorganized, it is not. In the seemingly unorganized garden is actually highly organized. (
  8. The Butchart Gardens (video): Touted as one of the best landscaped garden in the Northern hemisphere, Butchart gardens offer a different kind of landscape for each season. The Butchart Gardens has a summer, autumn, winter, Christmas and spring landscaping. Spring is the season when thousands of bulbs, flowers, shrubs and trees start to bloom. Summer is when the garden is in full bloom. (
  9. 9. 20 Fabulous Rock Garden Design Ideas: Stones and rocks incorporated in the landscape offers a natural look and feel o the overall landscaping. There are different types, shapes and colors rocks. Usage of rocks in waterscapes such as pools and ponds is a great idea. (
  10. 10. Xeriscape Landscape:  Xeriscape gardening or landscaping deal mainly with a garden that has minimal use for water in maintaining it.  This is very ideal in regions where accessibility to fresh water supply is not as easy. It is also a great alternative to a traditional garden to save up on water.  There are plenty of plants that thrive in little or no supplemental watering. (

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