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Lavender Plants

Lavandula or lavender is a native Mediterranean flower that prefers sunny, rocky and dry soil. However, over the years, thanks to the tenacity of English gardeners, the 39 lavender genuses now thrive in colder climate. Most types of lavender plants are cultivated as ornamental plants for gracing one’s garden. Lavender plants are also commercially cultivated for its essential oils.

  1. Many Different Types of Lavender Plants: There are 39 varied species and hybrids of the lavender plants. Most varieties are sturdy and are found growing all over the world in different soil and climate conditions. Humidity is a cause for alarm though as lavenders tend to wilt and die when their roots are soaked. This website lists the different types of lavender. (
  2. Lavenders 1-2-3: Lavender plants come in colors of yellow, mauve, pink and white aside from the traditional blue-violet variety.  Varieties such as English, Spanish and French lavenders have variants and hybrids. This is a personal website that presents the owner’s views and tips on the planting and care of lavenders. (
  3. Lavenders: The name lavender came from the Latin lavare which means “to wash”.  This plant has that wonderful scent produced by some 180 elements found in the plant. This website presents a general concept about the different types of lavender, the uses of lavender as a soothing agent and even a cure for certain types of ailments. (www.theflowerexpert.com0
  4. Types of Lavender Plants: The lavandula genus comprise of flowering plants that are part of the mint family.  They are native to India, parts of Africa, Canary Islands, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It would be hard put to remember all the 39 variants of the lavender plants so this website group the lavender plants into English, French and  Spanish lavender plants. (
  5. Growing Lavender: Lavender plants are perennials. They come in colors of blue-violet, white, pink and mauve. They will thrive well in dry and arid climate but they will also grow in the wetter parts of the country as long as they are in container plants or are taken care that they are exposed to too much humidity.  Lavenders love the sun and will be able to resist drought. This website gives information on how to plant and take care of lavenders. (
  6. Lavender Plants: An expanse of lavender plants in the garden is a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful varieties of lavender plants are a great addition to any garden. As most lavender plants are hardy and easy enough to plant and grow, populate your garden with them. Here’s a website that offers a variety of lavender plants. You can order online and have them delivered to your home. (
  7. Lavender Seeds and Plants: It is possible for northern gardeners to grow lavender plants. The silvery leaves in complete contrast with the blue-violet spires of flowers are sturdy and fast-growing.  If you prefer to buy seeds instead of potted ones, this website sells lavender plant seeds. (
  8. Lavender Plants: Provence, Hidcote, Munstead and Grosso are sturdy varieties of the lavender plants. You might want to check this website as they sell lavender plants at really bargain prices. This plant is ideal for herb gardens with its wonderful calming fragrance. (
  9. Herb and Vegetable Seeds: If you are interested in growing a vast amount of different lavender plants, it is best to buy lavender seeds in bulk. This website has available seeds for purple ribbon lavender,  fernleaf lavender, pink perfume lavender and spike lavender. (
  10. Looking After Your Lavenders: This website offers tips on how to plant, care, maintain and prune lavender plants. It is said that too much care and attention are not good for these plants. Soil preparation is important. Watering the plant should be regulated. Pruning is done at certain time of the year for best results. (

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