A Solar Challenge

solarYou may not have realised it before now but the Solar Challenge happens around this time of year in Australia. Competitors from around the world try to get from Darwin to Adelaide (it is quite a long way) in the solar powered cars they have designed. It sounds like a great idea to me and I wonder what other things we should be looking to make solar powered as well.

Solar powered electric lawn mowers sound like a fairly sensible idea. After all, grass only grows when it is sunny and everyone waits for a sunny Sunday afternoon to go out and cut their lawns. When did you ever see anyone mow their grass in the dark? Actually, I did it once but it turned out really badly so I won’t be doing it again.

carWould solar powered commercial freezers make any sense at all. Well, you don’t really need your freezer to works its ice based magic when it is cold and dark, do you? Yet, when the sun is shining you want it to cool away and make ice. This could be a great idea for portable fridges in which you want to keep soft drinks or, gulp, beer when you have a picnic. If the sun doesn’t shine then you can get all depressed with some warm drinks and if our solar friend makes an appearance everyone’s a winner.

Didn’t the Mayans or the Egyptians have some sort of solar powered antique hand drills? I was watching one of those programmes about aliens the other day (I love that stuff, the more unbeleivable the better as far as I am concerned) and I am sure the guy with the wild hair said that.

If I could have a ride in a solar powered zeppelin my life would be complete. Can you imagine harnessing the power of the astral disc and soaring up in the sky justlike the ancient Incas and Persians once did?

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