Is It Time for a Racy Facebook Photo?

mileyIt seems as though my nephew’s favourite TV star is still getting all controversial. With the amount of column inches dedicated to Miley Cyrus and her MTV Awards performance I thought that maybe it was time to produce a few racy photos of my own and put them on Facebook. Would this be a good idea? Might I end up a laughing stock?

First off, I could take some sleek shots of myself looking all chic in spas and salons. Hang on though, I have never been in a spa nor a salon in all my life. Would they leave me looking chic or would they result in me looking all red and flustered after a spell sweating in the suana and beating beaten up by a masseuse? Maybe I should wait a couple of days after the spa session before I take any racy photos.

photoSome snaps of me relaxing on various leather recliners while wearing some of Miss Cyrus’ old outfits should be enough to send my Facebook photos viral (whatever that means). I have always thought that reclining leather chairs are the best for taking saucy snaps in and this would certainly put it to the test. I also have an old floral sofa in the spare room but it probably isn’t ideal for these snaps if we are being completely honest.

Would I look good on Facebook in chefs uniforms? My current picture is a bit dull so this got to be an improvement at least.

Maybe I could go for the rugged pirate look and stick a patch over an eye and an African grey parrot on my shoulder. Is there just the tiniest possibility that this would make me look silly rather than sultry, though? I have rarely seen great images on Facebook of the pirate look and I am not sure that even Miley could pull it off far less me.


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