Getting Around the Airport

suitcaseMaybe I am just behind the times but I have only just found out that it is possible to buy a suitcase scooter. It is entirely possible that everyone else on the planet has already used or at least seen one of these contrapations but I had no idea that they existed. If you are as behind the times as I am then this basically a suitcase with a skateboard stuck onto it.

This sounds like a fantastic way of getting around big airports and it made me consider what other airport inventions the world could do with right now.

I realise that there isn’t a huge demand for frozen meat distributors to deliver to airports but hear me out on this one. Let’s imagine that your flight has got a massive delay on it and you see someone selling frozen lambs over next to the departure gate. Hey, you think, I could defrost that young sheep and have myself an airport barbeque. That is sure to make the waiting time fly past, especially when you het hauled into a security room to explain yourself.

waitSome apple cider vinegar might be nice too. A few swigs of this stuff and I’ll have forgotten why I was sitting around in an airport in the first place.

Couldn’t the nice people in airport security lets us pass through with some bowling supplies now and then? It would be great to get a game of bowling on now and then when we are faced with delays. In fact, why don’t airport waiting zones have things like bowling alleys, saunas and dry ski slopes anyway? They would make a fortune with these things.

What about if we go a step further than in the last point and get a softball game going on while we wait? We could get the airline staff to give us some custom softball t-shirts and the rest of the equipment. Hang on though, there’s just one small problem. That’s right; when your flight is delayed you are more likely to see a woolly mammoth in the waiting area than anyone from the airline.

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