Look! No Hands

Have you read some of the stuff about driverless cars lately? It seems that the good people at Google want to change the laws in California so that they can recklessly mow people down with their crazed invention without any legal problems (I think that’s the gist of it although I could be slightly mistaken).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond (don’t you just hate that expression?) the chaps at Oxford University want you to trust their gadgetry to get you safely to work while you do your knitting or eat a big block of smelly cheese. Anyway, this got me thinking about what else we could get robots or gadgets to do for us.

Do you like to hang quaint landscaping pictures ion your walls? That’s nice. Y0u probably like gentle rolling fields and cute animals but what if we let some robots loose on them? Things might start of well but I have had an innate distrust of machines ever since watching Westworld as terrified kid. They would probably end up painting threatening pictures of maimed cows and scorched landscapes if you ask me.

Washing machine repair is a bit of a drag so what if you could get robots to do it for you? This would be great but hold on a second? What would happen if the robot that fixes the washing machines were to break down?

I can just imagine robots pruning tomato plants. Now if they just then just pick them, make them into tasty ketchup and squirt that onto the hamburger they just made me then life would be perfect.

For me the best carpet cleaner is anyone who isn’t me. I mean, if we can have robots to drive cars, paint pictures, fix washing machines and make me a fine hamburger then the least they can do is get on their knees and scrub the ketchup stains off the floor.

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