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Washing Machine Repair

The development of washing machines came about mainly due to the amount of labor and time spent in washing clothes. In this day and age, hand washing would translate to precious time wasted. With this line of thinking, a broken washing machine is unthinkable! Sure, one can always go to the Laundromat, but going to and fro and waiting for the wash to be done is still time wasted. When the washing machine breaks down, repairing it is foremost.

  1. What is a Washing Machine? Types of Washing Machine: There are two main types of washing machines- front loading and top loading.  Top loading washing machines are mostly semi-automatic with a separate tub for the washer and the spinner.  A front loading washing machine is mostly fully automatic with only one tub for the washing and spinning. (
  2. Troubleshooting Washing Machine Faults: Before picking up the phone and calling for a washing machine repairman, it would be best to try to troubleshoot the problem. If the washing machine would not start, check if it’s plugged in. If there’s no water coming out for the wash, check if the water valve is off. This website has various links to possible washing machine problems for your information. The website is UK but who cares? It’s still in English! (
  3. Troubleshooting: Common Washing Machine Problems (video): When the dirty clothes start to pile up, it is really time to troubleshoot the cranky washing machine. Is the WM leaking? Dancing across the laundry room? Refuses to spin? Fails to spurt out water? Take a look at this short video presentation of possible WM problems. (
  4. 5 Common Washing Machine Problems (blog): Presented in this article are the top 5 most common problems with washing machines.  The questions are from actual washing machine owners perplexed why their precious WM won’t work. (
  5. How to Repair a Washing Machine: Though a washing machine is not a simple machine with its string of gizmos as timers, agitators, valves, drainers, temperature and more, a person with an aptitude for repairing could actually diagnose and fix a washing machine. Word of caution: Make sure the machine is unplugged before you tinker with it. (
  6. How To Repair a Washing Machine That Won’t Spin (video): Over time, a washing machine belt can fray, come loose or snap. When this happens, the drum will not spin or agitate. This video shows how to replace the washing machine belt.  (
  7. Washing Machine Repairs – How a Washing Machine Works (video): This video points out on the various parts of a washing machine. The premise is that the more one knows about the different parts of the machine, the easier it would be to attempt a DIY repair. (
  8. How to replace & fit a washing machine pump: When the water is not draining properly, the problem could be the pump. Once the troubleshooting points out to a faulty pump, here’s a short video presentation on how to replace it.  Note that it does not matter what brand the WM is as the all brands have the pump located at the bottom. (
  9. Appliance Repair Done Right: Well, this is not exactly a website that gives pointers on repairing and troubleshooting washing machines. This is the website of a repair company that has branches across the USA, offering their services on a 24/7 basis. Great for the busy homeowners. (
  10. Washing Machine Maintenance Tips: Yes! The key to an enduring WM is maintenance.  It is important to see to it that the hoses are not leaky and that the machine is on a level floor to avoid banging and knocking sound. It is also important to clean the drum from suds and other chemicals. A well-maintained WM will last longer than usual. (

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