This list contains the top deals I've found for Valances for Windows. We have also written about Vinyl Windows, Replacement Windows and Champion Windows.
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Valances for Windows

A window valance is meant to beautifully cover up the topmost part of a window. It is possible to hung the window valance on its own or pair it with a curtain or blinds. Fashionable during the Victorian era, window valances were mostly used by the more opulent sector of society. Today, a window valance is no longer an expensive option as there are plenty of ready-made and very affordable window valances available today.

  1. Types of Window Valances: There are several types of window valances for the modern home. The addition of a window valance has a more tantalizing effect on a window. Choosing which style fits a room is quite easy more so if there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. The basic types of window valances are the balloon, Ascot, scarf, swag and custom or tailor-made. (
  2. Cornice Valance Ideas: A cornice valance is a type of hard valance that is made from wood. In some cases a wooden cornice valance is padded with foam then wrapped in fabric for a more specialized effect. This article points out to the variable possibilities with a cornice valance. You can shape the lower edge in a zigzag or scalloped pattern. You can attach a crown molding for more pizzazz. It is also possible to match the cornice with the bed covers or the upholstery. (
  3. Best Valances for Living Room Windows: If you think adding a window valance is a bit tacky, think again as it all depends on your choice.  In general, the right window valance will make your living room look elegant and classy. If you are not sure what type of valance to choose for the living room windows, this article points out to the finer details of choosing a window valance. (
  4. Window Treatments:  4 Inspiring Valances: HGTV has some fantastic window treatments with the use of valances. There are 4 different styles for 4 different rooms – the bedroom, the kitchen, living room and dining room. Of course the styles are switchable as long as the right material is used. (
  5. Window Valances: This website has the largest collection of custom-made window valances online. It is possible to shop by width or special fit or by installation. Styles featured on the site are Gathered Balloon Valances, Ring Style, London Swag, Parisian Valance, Classic Cuff Top Valance, Carolina Valance and more. There are more than 1,600 fabrics for these varied types of window valances. (
  6. Shaped Valances: This website has several types of valances to offer. There are scalloped valances, festoon and jabot valences, swags and scarves, banner, tapered and pointed valances, Austrian valances and more. Fabrics are in prints, plaids, plains. Materials are cotton, polyester, silk, lace and more. (
  7. Valances: Here is another website with an extensive selection of valences. Selection is based on different requirements such as brand name, type, rating, price, length, width, fabric, color and pattern.  The selections are functional, stylish and affordable. The price range for window valences at this online store is from $5 to $50 per piece. (
  8. Valances and Top Treatments: Bed Bath Store offers window valences from brand names such as CHF, Veratex, Heritage Lace, Rose Tree and morel. Fabric selection includes cotton duck, lace, silk, lace, voile, sheer, taffeta, twill, jacquard and faux silk. Patterns are in toile, floral, plaids, geometric, stripes and plains.  There are different types of valences for the different parts of the house to match varied interior designs. (
  9. 74, 714 Valance Ideas Home Design Photos: Yes! You read it right. There are more than seventy-four thousand window valence photos viewable on this site. There is a filter though for a more targeted viewing. Say you prefer Asian-inspired window valence for the bedroom. Photos categorized under this specification will be the only ones shown. (
  10. Shape Up Your Drapes: You need to clean, wash or vacuum the curtains and window valences for maintenance. Curtains and fabric window valences are easier to wash but a valence mounted and padded on a board is another story.  Follow the simple instructions on how to clean and wash curtains and window valences. (

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