This list contains the top deals I've found for Sewing Machine Repair. We have also written about Omega Sewing Machine, Washing Machine Repair and Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machines.
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Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repairs – Sometimes, we can’t let go of the things that already have a personal bond with us.And if Sewing machines is one to those things, then you might always find yourself repairing that machine of yours rather than buy another one. so, here are the sites that will help you make those repairs as effective as possible.
  1. Tired of inventing remedy for your Sewing Machine and yet, it still broke? Then you came to the right place. has a collection of Professional articles on how to troubleshoot and fix your sewing machine. These are Do-it-yourself Sewing Machine Repair Manuals that you can use. This Manual tells you all the essential points of your sewing machine that you can check. For more inquiries, you can contact the Author himself and ask him directly. (
  2. California Academy: California Academy is owned and operated by Jim Jacobson, the master in sewing machine repairs. He already receives a lot of International Awards in the Sewing Industry. Know how to enroll to their Programs and you’ll be provided with complete tools and trainings you might do. (
  3. Sew USA: Learn more about the Maintenance and Repairs needed for your Sewing machines. Learn more about the Basic Hook Timing, Stitch Formation, Thread Tension, and Trouble Shooting. (
  4. eHow Home: Know how to repair a Sewing Machine here at eHow. This article is written by eHow’s experts in these topics. Know how to maintain the good shape of your Sewing Machine. And you must know the basic instructions like Cleaning and Oiling the Machine, Tightening the Drive Belt, and other things. (
  5. Google Shopping: Is your Sewing Machine can no longer be fix? Have you done all the repair manuals are saying? Then it’s time to dump that Old Sewing Machine and buy these New and Improved Sewing machines here at Google. View their brand, ratings, reviews, images,. And product descriptions. (
  6. Repair Sewing Machine: Conduct an Autopsy to your Sewing Machine now and familiarized yourself with its parts. Repair Sewing Machine gives us very clear instructions on how to do such problems. Their Secret is that they included images and instruction as well for easy understanding of the machine. You can check out some of their problems and remedies here. (
  7. Youtube: This is the youtube Video of Jim Jacobs himself giving the viewers tips and advices on how to fix your machine on your own. Be a Sewing Machine Technician now! (
  8. Fix Sewing Machines: Find the Secrets of Sewing Machine Repair and Earn your own money here at Fix Sewing Machines. They have different links on the Essential parts of a Sewing machine, Video trainings, Service manuals, Tips, Tricks, and other cool stuffs. Also learn more about Vacuum Cleaners as well. (
  9. Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages isn’t just an online directory. They also talk about Fixing Machines like Sewing Machine, Vacuum Cleaners, and more. Read their own list of solutions here. Also, you can also search their directory for Sewing machine Technician Shops for very hard problems. (
  10. A1 Sewing Machine: They are a group of specialists when it comes to sewing machine repairs. They also serve and fix other machines like Refrigerators, vacuums, and such. Avail for heir service now. (

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