Inventions for the Lazy Person (Not Me, You Understand)

We all have little lazy moods now and then, don’t we? I know that I often enjoy kicking back and just watching the ants run over my feet as I sip something cool in my garden but that doesn’t mean I am lazy. No, I just like a gentle pace to life.

Even if you are a hard working, go-getting, non stop sort of a person I would recommend that you take a leaf out of my book and enjoy the gentler side of life with my latest inventions.

If you feel guilty about not going out and doing anything then you could use a revolving series of landscaping pictures to make it seem as though you are really getting around. You could have pictures of all sorts of exciting places spin round in front of you as you lie back and wonder when it will be time to get up and fill up your class with some more fresh lemonade.

I have never cultivated vegetables or fruits but pruning tomato plants sounds like hard work. So much hard work, in fact, that I decided to invent a pruning hat for my dog. Bruno would strut around the garden wearing a hat with scissors on it. As he moved his little paws the scissors would snap open and shut. I guess there would be a lot of collateral damage with this approach but I would then fit a little brush and pan onto him so that he could tidy up afterwards.

If you have white kitchen cabinets then you know how difficult it can be to keep them clean. Well, Bruno can’t reach up to my cabinets so I needed to come up with an alternative approach here. I thought about a few different solutions and the best one is a little robot with a damp cloth. Surely it won’t be long before someone invents this essential home buddy.

Finally. I think that covering the whole home in upholstery foam would turn it in all into a giant chaise longue, which can’t be a bad thing.

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