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White Kitchen Cabinets

The modern kitchen has been treated with bright and sunny colors since the later part of the 20th century. Of course the staple stained wood kitchen cabinets have never lost their popularity but white kitchen cabinets definitely faded from view. Well, not anymore. White kitchen cabinets are “in”! Here are some websites that could inspire you to paint over your pine kitchen cabinets white.

  1. Latest trend – white kitchen cabinets: Well this article points out “why” you should opt for white kitchen cabinets. The article stresses that the color white is classic and ageless. It is the best color choice for dark kitchens as it opens up space and converts a gloomy kitchen into an airy and spacious nook. (
  2. Readers’ Top Choice: The Top 20 Kitchens of 2011: Browse through the photos of the 20 top kitchens of 2011. The designers were very creative and artistic in their approach to the designs. The innovations regarding storage solutions and working areas for tight kitchens were sheer genius. Though each kitchen was designed by different interior designers, there seem to be a consensus in using the color white. (www.
  3. Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (photos): Though the photos point out to kitchen backsplash ideas, one can’t help but notice the usage of white cabinets and shelves in the kitchens. The significance of these designs is that using white cabinets give you more options in using colorful and differently textures tiles, stones and laminates for kitchen backsplash. (
  4. Eden Maple White Paint (photos): The starkly all-white kitchen will take your breath away. It is so simple, pure, spotless and bright that laboring in that kind of kitchen is a job I would take any day. The multi-colored crystal vases displayed on the glass shelving add points of interest and colors. Genius! (
  5. Light Cabinets: (photos) Well, it’s true that not everyone could “afford” a white kitchen more so if you live in an area where dust mingles with the air you breathe. So! This website suggests other light-colored cabinets in lieu of white. There’s almond, pearl, gray, white laminates, natural wood stain and more. Interesting colors, actually. (
  6. How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets: Okay now. Not everyone can afford to replace their dark and gloomy mahogany-stained kitchen cabinets. Fret not! If you feel you want to convert from black to white, you can always paint over your old and gloomy dark-stained kitchen cabinets. This website presents an easy step-by-step guide on how to repaint kitchen cabinets. (
  7. Cabinet Painting (video): Alright, so you are more of a visual learner. Watch this video then for a simple guide on how to paint or repaint your dark kitchen cabinet into bright and airy white. (
  8. Distressed and Antique Kitchen Cabinets: So you think your white kitchen cabinet is just too sparkling new and bright. You can always go for a Shabby Chic look and “distress” the kitchen cabinet. This article will guide you in achieving that look. (
  9. Pictures of Kitchens (photos): Here is a portfolio of white kitchens. The designs entail the use of creams and antique whites. The designs are traditional. Even the details on the wooden cabinet are traditional. There is ambiance of warmth and hominess in these white kitchens.
  10. How to Clean White Kitchen Cabinets: Homeowners are quite proud of their white kitchen cabinets. However, when these whites start to show grime, what is the best possible way to clean them? Here is an article that lists down several ways to effectively clean your white kitchen cabinets. (

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