This list contains the top deals I've found for Refinishing Cabinets. We have also written about White Kitchen Cabinets, Cuisine Cabico Kitchen Cabinets and Garage Cabinets.
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Refinishing Cabinets

  1. Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing: Browse though their wide listing of articles that’ll help you with ideas and techniques for refacing, refinishing, staining and painting your kitchen cabinets for a new look. (
  2. Designer Cabinet Refinishing: Replacing the cabinets with new kitchen cabinets is an overkill approach and very costly. Cabinet refinishing is the most cost effective approach to changing kitchen cabinet colors. Designer cabinet refinishing offers a great selection of current kitchen design trends. (
  3. DIY Network: Learn how to refinish your cabinets instead of buying new ones. Find different videos on How to choose, remove, install or refinish kitchen cabinets for your remodeling projects. (
  4. Are your kitchen cabinets no more attractive and becoming dull day by day? Then it’s time to brush them and give them a new and fresh look.  (
  5. How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets: A new kitchen or bathroom is achievable with cabinet refinishing. Follow these steps and be able to save money while still having a beautiful or unique kitchen. (
  6. Phelps Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Stripping, refinishing and painting of existing and new kitchen and bath cabinets. They serve places in northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. (
  7. Refinishing Cabinets at YouTube: Save money and achieve a new look with cabinet refinishing. Here at YouTube, you’ll find more than 500 videos related to refinishing cabinets.  (
  8. Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets at eHow: You might be considering new cabinets for your kitchen, but refinishing kitchen cabinets will cost just a small fraction of this price. (
  9. Wood Finish Supply: Specializes in finishing and refinishing materials for wooden furniture and cabinets. (
  10. Hollywood Refinishing: Professional cabinet refinishing is the most inexpensive way to give your cabinets a new lease on life. Save money during your home remodel and refinish those old kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.  (

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