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Outdoor Fire Pit

More homeowners are trooping to the local home depot to buy materials for a DIY deck or patio. Extending the living area in a home has become easier (and cheaper) with such DIY projects. Outdoor living has reached unprecedented popularity which translates to an extraordinary demand for outdoor fire pits. There are good, better, best and worst outdoor fire pit. Let us see which ones they are.

  1. Propane Fire Pit: There’s nothing more authentic and heartwarming as a wood-burning fire pit, but we really do need to be more eco-friendly so a propane-powered fir pit is a better option. This website offers some of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing propane fire pits. Also offered are fir pit sets with chairs and tables, propane fire columns and table-top propane fire pits. (
  2. Fire Pit and Outdoor Cooker (video): Here’s one outdoor fire pit that needs no assembly, highly portable and can be used not only for emitting warmth but also for outdoor grilling. The style of this fire pit is rugged and can be used for the backyard patio or deck and for camping out. Caution though as this metal fire pit could burn you when touched accidentally. (www.
  3. A Hole for a Fire Pit: This is the fire pit to go for if you prefer a recessed fire pit on the deck or patio. The hole fire pit is of carbon steel, ¼” thick and has a rusted finish. It has a diameter of 53 inches and a depth of 8 inches. A stainless steel for cooking is optional. This is a great looking fire pit which would bode well for a large garden patio. However the price is prohibitive. It’s a wood-burning fire pit too. (www.
  4. Fire Pit Table (pdf): Propane-gas-powered, this fire pit has three functions: a fire pit for warmth, for light grilling and as a table for dining and drinking. The design is very modern and sleek and will bode well with most home and patio designs. Purchase is inclusive of a detailed instruction guide for assembly, grilling and general safety instructions. (
  5. Gel-fueled Fire Pit: Gel fuel generally burns “cleaner” even than a candle! The flame is tamer as there is no smoke, no odor, no soot and no harmful fumes. You don’t need a vent for this type of fire pit. This type of fire pit can be used for both indoors and outdoors. However, the flame might not be big enough to emit warmth as the table top fire pit is only 12.5” in width. (
  6. Custom-built Fire Pit:  Of course a fire pit designed and constructed based on your specifications is better. You can hire a fire pit specialist for this job. The fire pit would blend well with your house and landscape. The only downside is its cost. (
  7. Forest Friendly Fire Pit: This gas fire ring is very affordable. It is portable and can be used at home or on the road. You can set this up on the patio, the deck, by the pool or garden or at any outdoor campsite. Powered by propane gas, this fire pit is sure to keep you warm. This item is available all across the USA. There are some international dealers too. (
  8. Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace: This is not a traditional fire pit as a chimenea is more of a portable outdoor fireplace made of heavy cast aluminum. You would need full size fire logs for a chiminea. The design is safe enough as it has a hinged door to prevent accidentally touching the fire. Since this is made of stainless steel and cast aluminum, caution is needed since the shell of the chiminea is hot when in use. (
  9. DIY Fire Pit: Well, why not? Surely it does not take a rocket scientist to build a fire pit! If you have the tenacity and the inclination to build a fire pit in your backyard, watch this step by step video. Watching it makes me want to troop to the local home depot to buy the materials I need. (
  10. Fire Pit Maintenance: Well, yes. You do have to maintain your fire pit to keep it in good working condition. A fire pit is an all-year-round outdoor equipment as majority double-up as grills and cookers too. Gathering around the fire pit is a great way to socialize and relax with family and friends. (

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  1. Chris wrote:

    Totally agree with moving towards a more eco-friendly propane-powered fire pit. So many options guess it depends on the scope of the project and budget I really can’t wait for our DIY fire pit.

    Posted 25 Nov 2015 at 6:26 pm

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