My New Life Starts Today…Ok, Tomorrow Then

Have you ever felt a burning desire to start a new life? To rip it up and start again as the song says? I did this a few years ago when I left jolly old Scotland to explore the world and ended up never going back again. However, it doesn’t take a round the world plane ticket and a rucksack full of smelly socks to change your life.

Get out more. Yes, you. Don’t sit in front of your computer all day like, well, like I do I suppose. It can take a great effort to make the move to spending more time out of doors. I can recommend taking up gardening, fitting an outdoor fire pit and, as a last resort, becoming a peeping Tom. No, don’t become a peeping Tom, it’s probably illegal in some places. Just get out there and feel some sun on your face. Unless it’s night time, in which call you’ll feel some moon on your face.

Buy yourself a zeppelin. Really, what would you do if you were offered a rigid airship which needed filled with hot gas to make it soar into the clouds? I guess most people would automatically say “thanks but no thanks”. However, can you imagine yourself floating over foreign cities and seeing the locals look up and point at you in wonder? Ditch the car and get a zeppelin my friend.

Get fit. I keep meaning to get fit but life always seems to get in the way. I was reading just now about fit mass nutrition and it made me make up my mind to try my best to really try and see whether by any chance I could get a little bit fitter in the next year or so. I am nothing if not decisive.

Try something new. Do you know what rawlbolts even are? I don’t either but I am thinking of eating some of them / using a kilo of them / riding on one. I love buying things without knowing what it is. If you want proof just go into my garage and you will find it stuffed full of things which I once thought I might use at some point in my life. Still, it’s a nice collection f0r my daughter to inherit later on.

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