Walk This Way

Have you ever considered your way of walking? I am only asking because it is something which passed fleetingly through my mind this morning. You see, one of the problems with living in a foreign country is the fact that everyone else walks differently from you.

Here, they know I am a gringo just from the way I move my hips. And I don’t move them too badly if you ask me. However, it might be time to get them swaying more and see whether I can pass myself off as a local.

You probably expected me to start with my footwear but what about eyeglasses repair first of all? After all, if I can’t see properly I probably walk in a hesitant kind of way. I mean, I need to see where I am stepping before I can loosen up and walk as coolly as I would like to do.

Could a spa massage help? On my feet I mean. I sometimes feel them a bit tired and this stops me from stepping out in style like I would like to do. If I get them massaged I could step lightly again.

Maybe I could put some wood shavings in my shoes. I don’t know why but this just came to me as a possible solution to my walking blues. Hmm, I just had a look online and I can see that you can grow mushrooms in a sawdust filled show box so maybe it isn’t such a good idea really. The last thing I want is fungus filled footwear.

The ideal way forward would be with the right shoes I guess. I had a look at some Keen boots. AreĀ  these just for women or what? I admit that I am a stranger in the world of fashion shoes and while I would happily put them on something tells me that I might get even more curious looks than ever. It’s a tough business this walking lark.

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