This list contains the top deals I've found for Rawlbolts. We have also written about Appliance Repair, Electric Heaters
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  1. Rawlplug: One of the leading manufacturers of Anchoring and Fixing Solutions to both their Residential and Commercial customers. Their Rawlplug and Rawl Fixing are state-of-the-art fixtures patented and use at its highest performance levels. (
  2. Rawlplug – Loose Bolt: Check out Rawlplug’s Loose Bolts for concrete, Bricks, and Stone. Read their very detailed Specification data here. You can download the PDF file of this specification sheet.  (
  3. ScrewFix: Fix your home with these Rawlplug RawlBolts® M12 x 60mm. These are all-purpose anchor bolts which you can use in concrete, brickwork, and stone. These come package in 5. (
  4. ScrewFix: Buy these Rawlplug RawlBolts® M8 x 25mm that are package in 5. A smaller diameter Anchor Fixing Screws for your Home and other fixture for your home, or even in your work. (
  5. Ace Fixings: Concrete Anchors from Rawlbolts here at Ace Fixings. Sort these Screws according to Price Range, Category, Length, and Diameter. Save up to 60% on selected Rawlbolts Screws. (
  6. Toolbank: Find Fixing Bolts and Rawlbolts here at Toolbank. Choose Screws from brands like Rawlplug and Faithfull. Filter results here. (
  7. PVR Direct: Find Handtools. Power Tools and Fixing Solutions here at PVR Direct. Check out Rawl Bolts Fixings’ huge selection of Screws. Read their description and add them to your cart. (
  8. AV Forums: Register here and find Fixing solutions and tips for your home. Join their Forum Discussions and you can ask experts in Screws and Bolts. (
  9. Lenehans: Check out their inventory of Rawlbolts that are for sale here at Lenehans. Read the product description and add these to your online cart. (
  10. Amazon: Buy this Rawlplug 44 025 Plated Rawlbolt Loose Rawlbolt here at Amazon. This is currently at £1.50. (

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