Put Some Music in Your Day

I recently read an article about a Sound Taxi. It just went around the streets of old London town for a few days, recording the sounds of the streets and changing them – some would say miraculously – into songs. This idea got me thinking about how we could put some music into our days and nights.

Could you get a pillow top mattress with built in music? Why yes, yes you probably could. I imagine it as having a speaker built into the mattress. It would automatically increase or decrease the level of the soothing music depending upon the volume of your snoring. I had a quick search for musical mattresses on Google and they don’t seem to exist yet, although I did find that there is a musical called Once Upon a Mattress. Must have missed that one.

What about the neighbours though? I put on music as I work and tend to put up Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix at their most ear damaging levels. Perhaps the solution comes with soundproofing a room so that they don’t have to put up my guitar based preferences.  My big worry about being in a soundproofed room is that I might not even realise if WWIII breaks out. How weird would it be to be sitting listening to Purple Haze or Cortez the Killer and not even realise that I am part of a post apocolyptic world.

What do you have in your kitchen to listen to music on while you cook? I have to confess that I own a rather shabby radio whose CD reader gave up the ghost years ago. Is it time to get a new one? You bet it is. The only problem is that my wife wants to fit some white kitchen cabinets and I want a sleek black or metallic sound system. Which one would fit in best?

When I think about it the best place in my house is the shower. We got a new cabin and I almost fainted at the sheer luxury of a built in radio. You can also answer the phone from there but that just seems indecent to me. Anyway, I close my glass shower doors, I lather up and I try my best to sing along like my heroes.

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