Is the World Still Spinning?

There are a few things which you will never see until the day the planet stops rotating on its axis. Here are some of them off the top of my head.

A nun carrying out Kung fu has got to be high up on the list. Can you imagine this? Actually, I just did a search on google images and got an image back of this very thing; it seems to be big in Nepal. Hmm, maybe this is going to be harder than I thought it was going to be.

What about a nightclub design which involves walls of ice. No, these are big in Scandinavia it seems. Who knew that people were so weird? Why would you want to go to a nightclub made out of ice? I once saw a hotel made of salt and I’ll definitely be looking out for these ice clubs now. Actually, what would happen if the salt hotel was built next to an ice club? Would it melt it?

What about a Rotary Club rave party? I am guessing that these don’t exist since no one really mentions rave parties these days. Anyway, I am going to look it up just now ( this is a live commentary I am doing to try and build up some excitement). I got back some details of  “smashing” Rotary Clubs events and also some rave parties but nothing which combined the two in a sensible manner. Hold on, that was just the images, let me google it now. I found a Rotary Club beach party but no raving. Looks like I found something which has never ever happened in the history of the world.

What about safety footwear for cats? Actually it would be safety paw-wear really but you get my point. Let’s see if it exists or not. Can you believe that there is rather durable looking paw-wear on sale in the world today? Look it up if you don’t believe me. Most of it is probably classed as sporty rather than safety but it still exists.

One last try. Electric heaters for pigs. Are there pampered porcines out there with central heating? Yes, they exist. Not only is this exciting news but they are called swine heaters, which is even better. Looks like I will need to try again next time to find some more things which you will never see.

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