Cooking Time

I mentioned a while back that my cooking skills have gotten a bit rusty lately. It is probably time to brush up on them, so let’s see what we can do.

Firstly, do I go for modern cuisine or something more classic? Anyone who has read any of my other ramblings will know that while my feet at tottering unsteadily in the 21st century my head is still firmly in the last century. So I think I will stick with my old classics like roast beef and lasagne rather than try any of this modern fusion stuff. Having said that, I did rustle up a korma pizza once, although to be honest it was a bit of a mistake and best not discussed.

I have never used coffee urns but as a kid I used to clean the office coffee machine out. Believe it or not, it was this job which put me off hot beverages for over a decade. The amount of gunk inside that machine was unbelievable, although when I look back on it now I guess that was what I was meant to clean. Anyway, I am over it now and love to wash down a meal with a steaming cup of coffee or even a cheeky cappuccino or three.

What is the Beyonce Knowles diet all about? Does it have something to do with only eating syrup before going on stage and dancing like crazy? I could do that. This reminds me of a story about when my dad brought a barrel (yes, I said a barrel) of maple syrup one day. I never found out where he got it from but we had maple syrup with everything for about a year. It goes great with cornflakes by the way.

I get the feeling that I am wandering a bit off track here but since I’ve completely forgotten what I was talking about that shouldn’t matter. I saw the words take out food containers and remembered how I used to make pretend food with my sisters and then wrap it up in newspapers. If that sounds strange to anyone then I should point out that in Scotland they used to sell fish and chips wrapped in newspapers. Maybe they still do actually. I will try and find a picture of this phenomenon to prove it.

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