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Safety Footwear

Safety Footwear is a vital element of PPE or personal protective equipment. They are designed to protect feet from injury by blunt impacts, heat, chemicals, electrical hazards, etc. A staple for job-related occupational safety and health, one must find the best safety footwear for them with the help of the following websites.

  1. Mister Safety Shoes – This website is well organized and is guaranteed to help you find the best safety footwear that will match the needs for your job. First off, they provide a ‘Quick Shoe Find’ search engine where you can narrow down your choices based on gender, brand, category and attributes. Their navigation scheme is also impressive as they have carefully classified footwear in their online catalog. Each shoe is complete with description, price and available sizes. You may opt not to purchase the shoe from this site but the product description is still very helpful in case you’d rather buy in a retail outlet near you. (
  2. EHS Today Article on Protective Footwear – I found this article extremely useful especially for those who own safety footwear for a long time and use them at work everyday. Even the most durable shoe has its limits. You will find here how to determine when it is time to let your old safety footwear retire and buy a new one. The steps to find leaks and cracks are straightforward and easy to follow. Also, you will be informed of the hazards of using defective safety footwear, which, essentially is just like the hazards of not wearing safety footwear at all. Suggestions on how to  take care of your footwear so you can use them longer are also included in this helpful piece. (
  3. Safe Shoes – Another great site to visit if you are in search for protective shoes that is inclusive of many different brands. It claims to have the largest collection of safety shoes online. The browsing is pretty easy – shoes are listed according to safety features, shoe style and brads. At your discretion, choose your most important criteria in safety footwear and then you will be brought to an overwhelming number of shoes fit in one page. Each shoe detail contains description, features, price and available sizes. Other shoe suggestions based on your current pick is also given. Due to the enormous shoe collection found here, this site is highly-recommended. (
  4. Safety Foot – Although the website looks modest and simple, they live up to their promise of offering safety shoes that give style, comfort and protection. Many of their products are CSA Certified. They offer free shipping on all their products and a considerate exchange and refund option that spans 30 days in case of dissatisfaction with their products or service. Each product in this site is also complete with details such as features, price and sizes. (
  5. Protec Direct UK – This is a catalog of safety boots and shoes available at Protec Direct – leading UK supplier of PPE, workwear and safety products. They boast of great service that gives great value to your money and a convenient online shopping experience. Most of the products here are of quality make and are faithful to the standards imposed by its accreditors namely, Quality Management ISO 9001:2000, Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and Quality Management Systems OHSAS 18001. we are also members of The British Safety Industry Federation) BSIF) and SATRA. The shoes and boots are listed according to style and popular brands, clicking one will lead you to the usual details, same as those of the previous sites. (
  6. Direct Industry – You will find here a collection of safety shoes classified according to brand. Clicking each link will lead you to the product details namely make, safety features and sizes. Catalogues to browse on other products of the same brand can also be found here. The choices are relatively few and we can see from this site that browsing solely according to brand isn’t that helpful because PPE requirements on shoes are based on features and never on brand. (
  7. B-Protected Safety Boots – Here you will find safety shoes boots listed according to popular Australian brands and some safety features. Clicking one brand will link you to a collection of safety shoes complete with detailed descriptions of features and make, price and available sizes. They have a foot measurer for each brand which helps ensure that the size of the shoe you buy here really fits you, thus avoiding the hassle of returning and exchanging products. (
  8. Safety Boots UK – Contrary to the name of the website, boots aren’t the only products found here. In fact, this site boasts of a huge collection of shoes coming from various manufacturers. Footwear here is classified into seven main categories to refine your search. You can then narrow it down according to style and brand. Each brand is further narrowed down into style or utility. You will find various shoe models to satisfy your safety footwear criteria, thanks to their large database and wide variety of shoes to choose from. The information on each model is also as concise and informative as that of the other sites mentioned. (
  9. Charnwood Safety Footwear and Workwear – Of all the websites I have browsed on this topic, this website has the most detailed review for each shoe model. You are not only given the usual information on the make and safety features but you can also read here some assessment on the comfort and durability of the product which is of great importance to consumers.(
  10. Safety Footwear Information from CCOHS – The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) envisions to eliminate work-related illnesses and injuries. Thus, in this page, it guides people on important things that should be considered in choosing safety footwear, as well as the things to know about the fit and care of certain footwear. They also explained the symbols found on certain safety footwear and how they reflect on its functionality and protective features.(
  11. All Safety Footwear – You’ll find here an article explaining the importance of safety footwear in the workplace. You may also expect to find a link that will lead you to safety footwear products, but all you can access is a broken link and no products to compare. If you ever come across this site, just avoid it or you will be greatly disappointed that you have just wasted your time for nothing. (

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    Quick delivery backed up by excellent customer support for assistance on choosing products.

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    I have always used uniform depot for safety boots. They stock top brands and offer free delivery plus no vat to pay.

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