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Operable Walls

Operable walls are dividers that are either mechanically or electrically retractable which are installed in floor areas for maximum utilization of space, better acoustics, traffic control, etc. They are commonly found in hotels, reception halls, schools, conference rooms and other venues where space is an in-demand commodity. Here are some sites that can provide you further information about this engineering innovation.

  1. – This site will provide you all the information you need about operable walls in general. You will be informed about the many advantages of operable walls, the ongoing trend and its future directions, as well as guidelines on what to search for in a good operable wall manufacturer. The information found in this site came from an informed contributor and I assure you that all you will find here are helpful and straight to the point facts. (
  2. Advanced Equipment – This is the official website of the operable wall designer, manufacturer and installer, Advanced Equipment Corporation. Here, you are given a chance to make your own specifications of the operable wall you wish to avail for your establishment. The downloadable brochure from this site contains very concise and specific product descriptions of their ready-made operable wall panels and it is also interesting that they provided information on the acoustic performance of their operable wall systems and how their products responded to several durability tests. The site is also complete with pictures of sample wall systems they have installed in various establishments. (
  3. Kwik-Wall – This is another corporate site for a leading operable wall manufacturer, Kwik-Wall and here you can choose from the different operable wall product categories to view detailed information including specifications, CAD Details, and downloadable literature pieces. I find it so clever of them to be transparent regarding the manufacturing details of their products because these type of information is really appreciated by consumers. If you want to leave the technical parts to the experts as and you are more concerned on the aesthetics and functionality of the area, they also present the common applications of a specific model as well as a quick overview of its features. (
  4. Curtition – Curtition is a division of Kwik-Wall and it claims to be a manufacturer of superior quality operable walls. They offer a variety of models designed to meet the needs of any venue, be it concerned more on space or acoustics. Their products are also environment friendly, they claim. Their site is indeed complete with information on their products that prove helpful to consumers. You can download here tech brochures and CAD drawings where they indicate complete specifications and illustrations of their products. For architects and engineers seeking to avail specially-made operable walls, they also allow consumers to set their own specifications and they manufacture the operable walls accordingly. All in all, this is a great venue to visit when searching for good operable walls. (
  5. Hufcor – As stated by Mark E. Blanchard, this company’s Vice-President in Sales and Marketing, Hufcor is confident that their new website is capable of providing information and perspective needed by the designer, contractor, or end user to make the best long-term decision on an operable partition provider. We should take their word for it because their website really lived up to this claim. The product information was as detailed as it can ever be, not leaving out any information that is important to anyone who considers installing operable walls in their own place or their clients’. The information found here doesn’t just have commercial value but it is also greatly educational. Technical information are not just expressed through writing but also through other media such as pictures, drawings and even videos. Hufcor has the most instructive corporate website thus far. (
  6. Moderco – This is also a great place to find operable walls, partitions and panels. In the product overview page, you can find pictures of their product models which all look aesthetically-packed, inclusive of captions that describe the product’s advantages and possible applications. You can also find downloadable brochures that contains detailed product specifications – data designers and contractors need. In their gallery page you can find great pictures of their products that are installed in a variety of settings, all serving a unique purpose. (
  7. Modernfold – This company designs, manufactures, and services operable walls for sight and acoustic separation purposes. They have three different panel systems available and they also provide options for the designer’s desired finishes and accessories to make each installation unique. The product overview is described by complete specifications, pictures, manuals and technical drawings. These information are downloadable in PDF form, usually for printing purposes. Pictures are also uploaded to give consumers an idea of how the operable walls look like when finally installed. (
  8. Panelfold – This company claims to have been dubbed as the provider of the best-designed and best-performing operable walls in the industry. They provide Moduflex moveable walls to cater to your needs for space maximization as well as for the purposes of sight and sound isolation. In the specific webpage where the Panelfold link will take you, you will find their operable wall products and by clicking each picture or their respective labels in the navigation menu, you can access the specific features for each model. (
  9. C. R. Laurence Co., Inc. –This page features the operable wall products from CRL. Each product is complete with the usual product overview with downloadable technical information and product specs however; you won’t have an HTML quick view of the technical data as they are all accessed by downloading the file on your computer. (
  10. Movable-Walls – Here you will find an informative article dedicated to operable walls. Certain topics of interest here are about its track system, panel construction, surface decorating materials, fire ratings, installation as well as tips for the care and maintenance of operable walls. (
  11. Mural Walls Australia – The thing about this site is that it is complete with pictures of operable walls and choices for operable wall finishes however, technical content and product information are lacking. In fact, you won’t even find any link to these facts at all. Probably the only way to know is to contact the company itself as their contact information are provided in this site. I find it just a waste that they didn’t just list all important information on their products on this site where it can be accessed by anyone at the comfort of their homes. (

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