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Tree Moving Spades

Tree moving spades are specialized machines used for tree transplanting especially in cases when the use of traditional hand-powered equipments such as traditional spades and wagons is impractical and laborious. If you want to know where you can purchase these machines, here are some sites worth visiting.

  1. Lemar Tree Spades – Three decades of manufacturing experience has surely earned Lemar a reputation for producing high quality, efficient, and innovative tree spades, tree potters and nursery equipment for customers all around the world. They are also very generous in informing buyers about the equipments’ features, emphasizing on the many advantages you are said to benefit from if you buy a Lemar. It is meticulously explained in their website how each part of their tree moving spades is designed to work to your advantage. In their general spade products page, you are taught of the things to look in a spade to match what you need. Very informative site indeed. The variety of equipment models is impressive too. (
  2. Dakota Peat and Equipment – You can only find two distinct tree moving spade equipments on-site but the information you can find for each one of them is sufficient enough for you to decide whether it’s what you need or not. Each of the two equipments have their own product page where you can find the equipment’s specification, a video demonstration of the equipment at work, as well as a few pictures of the equipment. (
  3. Johnson Tree Company – A tree-care provider who claims to operate largest tree spade in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. If you are a resident of these states who needs to remove or transplant big trees yet you have no interest in buying your own equipment, then this service company will gladly do the job for you. You will find in their website that one of the services they are offering is tree spade and tree moving. They are very knowledgeable about the whole process of tree moving and they are concerned about the environment such that they only agree to remove trees that can survive transplanting. (
  4. Optimal Tree Spades – Here you can find various tree spade equipments whose brand is called Optimal. They are exclusively distributed in North America by Prichard’s Nursery Equipment LLC located in Harrison TN, U.S.A. In this site the Prichard’s have truly lived up to their strong customer and service oriented backgrounds. They showed the Optimal tree spades and how they work towards any specification you have in mind for a tree spade equipment. Each of their equipment models has a product page describing the advantages of that certain equipment in detail, allowing buyers to make more informed choices. They also have a separate specifications page where the specs of all the equipments are tabulated for easy comparison. (
  5. Big John Tree Transplanter Mfg. – Obviously specializing in tree spade manufacturing, but this company also takes pride in offering full time, hands on training and support before, during and after the sale. They have been in the business for 35 years and have been dedicated to the design and production of the best, most durable and functional tree transplanters anywhere. They have various tree transplanter equipments that are classified into three namely: truck mounted, trailer mounted and loader mounted. Each of their specific equipments has their own page complete with a detailed description of the product. They also advertise on their website a few used spades for sale. It is also a consumer-oriented website transparent enough to inform buyers all they need to know about their equipments. (
  6. Vermeer – They manufacture a lot of equipments be it for agriculture, construction, surface mining, tree care, etc. Unlike the previously mentioned websites, they do not focus solely on tree spades. It might be the explanation why the information found about each of their various tree spade model is fewer relative to those that can be read from the previous sites. But what more can one ask about a certain tree spade equipment if you are already provided with the general tree spade specs, dimensions and hydraulic system specs? The mechanisms of the equipments are not explained in detail but the information found here about the equipments is truly a good place to start. (
  7. Dutchman Tree Spade – They are primarily a manufacturer of tree spades and they make custom tree spades. Their website is remarkably full of information pertaining to their tree moving equipments. Each of their tree spade products has a comprehensive overview page. The features of each type of equipment are tackled by part. A big picture of the equipment is shown to the user and all you have to do is to click a certain part for you to know the purpose or the features of that specific part. Each equipment also has a media gallery where you can find pictures of the equipment and videos demonstrating the equipment at work. Dutchman also sells used spades that are equally useful as the brand new ones.  This is great for those who are in a budget. (
  8. Stevens Tree Spades – This website of Canada-based tree spade manufacturers is very straight to the point and it focuses on their equipments. Each of their product models has an overview page explaining the features of the equipment with respect to the parts. The simple layout and HTML features of the website might put off some site visitors but rest assured that the information found in this website is just as useful as those found in the high-end websites of other tree spade manufacturing companies. (
  9. Spade Trader – As can be seen on the website’s header, it is a new and used tree spade and nursery industry equipment classified ads. They have an assortment of tree spade equipment brands and all you will see on this page the product listing of a few equipment models for sale. You can only find prices and a short description of the equipment. The good thing about this website is that it enables previous owners of tree spades to sell their equipment once they cease to need it, to the advantage of those who actually need one who also happen to be in a budget. (
  10. Red Boss Tree Spade – Here you will find the product description for Red Boss tree spades. In this page you can see the product descriptions and the basic features of the equipment. Links to the compatibility list, specifications for each model and directions on how to assemble the spade. (
  11. Holt Tree Spades – They have a lot of tree spade equipment models however, my major criticism of this site is that it doesn’t provide relevant information about the product such as the usual product description and features. It looks like a photo gallery of tree moving spades instead since all it has are pictures of the equipment and nothing else to help the consumers make informed decisions about purchasing the equipments.  (

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  1. Tree Mover wrote:

    Originally located in the heart of Indiana, just North of Indianapolis, Heritage Oak Farm was founded to produce a wide variety of premium quality evergreen conifers for the landscaper, garden center, and real estate developer.

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    ProLine accessory transplants trees of all ages and sizes that add instant impact to your landscaping. We care about your satisfaction and your yard; so that it looks as good as ever.

    Posted 28 May 2013 at 3:35 pm
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