King for a Day

If I were King for a day I would of course make the land a fairer place and bestow gifts and fine foods on my local subjects. Yeah, right! And Prince Charles has got a great eye for the ladies.

I have always wanted to enjoy an old fashioned medieval banquet and with the right banquet table cloths I am at least 5% of the way there. I actually once enjoyed a meal in ye olde castle in Dover but since it was a Cornish pasty and a carton of Ribena I had smuggled in it probably doesn’t really count.

With armor machining and manufacturing are they talking about the kind of noble body armour (armor) which a King could use to joust with bold knights and overcome foolish peasants who want to rob from the rich to give to the undeserving poor? No. Ok.

Every King needs a getaway when it all gets too much for his little Royal head. What about a Georgian manor resort? Sounds nice but does it have cable TV, a PlayStation and three types of soap in the bathroom? A Royal has to keep up his standards, even while on holiday.

I have never, ever owned a really expensive watch. I used to have one which played 7 Beatles tunes on it and I particularly liked the one that went beep beep beeeep beep. Never did work out what song from the Lennon/ McCartney canon it was though. Maybe it was a George song. Why didn’t I think of that before? Anyway, I am not sure which wrist I would prefer to use so what if I get two Rolex watches from the national coffers? Hey, we have to spend your taxes on something after all.

Here’s a little question for you. How many current monarchs have tattoos? It is hard to imagine the UK Queen with an anchor on her biceps or a Chinese symbol on her…well, let’s not go there shall we. Maybe I could get some name tattoos on my arm and make history. Or a cool Lion King design.

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