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Rice Paper Blinds

While window blinds, a window covering, achieves the same effect as that of fitting curtains, its major purpose is to block unwanted heat from the sun. Its design can also help reduce light to varying degrees, hence offering shade. Window blinds can come from different materials designed in a number of ways. The materials used, usually determine the name by which the blind is commonly known. Rice paper blinds are so called because they are made from the different parts of a rice plant. It is actually a Japanese style, the materials of which are crafted ensuring toughness and resistance to tear and puncture. You can visit several sites to find information on rice paper blinds.

  1. Shoji Décor – This is where you can find different blinds made of different materials and designs. The site helps since it also lists with clear pictures clearance items or items they sell cheap but on limited quantities. You can also shop online other related products like lanterns and lamps of different unique styles and sizes presented in great pictures. Discounts are available and in case you are interested the site gives the contact information of the customer service. (
  2. J-Life International – A mix of imported and American made traditional Japanese home style products, including rice paper blinds can be shopped through this site. By clicking the section for home décor, images are shown, which when pointed to through your cursor, each design appears in bigger picture. One can expect to see mostly Japanese home products uniquely made for international appreciation especially by the artistically inclined. The site will also guide you to other different interesting Japanese products. These products are difficult to find but with this site prospective buyers can find their way. (
  3. Oriental Furniture – To go about finding inexpensive or bargain priced window blinds should start at this site. They practically offer a variety of unique design that suits your needs. Presented in images of different colors and designs, readers will agree this site is of good assistance as all products come off with a price tag. Currently available for viewing are 59 items all surprisingly are affordable.  (
  4. – One good feature of this site is the availability of the products. Consumers are keen on the prospect of finding the desired products right away and information of its availability would help. The sizes and the accessories that come with the product itself are another come-on for the site. It proves helpful to have the details for you to be able to compare. You can also opt to chat with the sales staff if they are online or leave a message in case they are offline. (
  5. – The site is made to your full advantage as each design is presented in big pictures with all the necessary details below it. Each design is afforded with special treatment by detailing all information for better appreciation. Relevant information includes style, the sizes and the instructions on how to hang it. Whatever it is that the site states as to availability and price, you can expect that you will get what you desire and find in the site. (
  6. – The site appears to be like a catalogue for window blinds. For each design is a code with the corresponding price. You can see how it actually looks like as pictures are very clear. Pointing to each image magnifies each picture into a bigger image that you can scrutinize its actual look. You can also  find relevant suggestions that come for easy installation. (
  7. China Fair, Inc. – The simplicity of the site can get one’s attention, there is less effort to access the needed information. You can actually get the design, the size and the price merely by looking at it and go to the next after. This is the site to go for Japanese style décor. (
  8. – For the best quality products with the lowest price all distributed by Amazon, you are in the best site. The products are rated and you can read the reviews of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers. The usual information including the product description, the price, and the size are all detailed. (
  9. Tropitek – This is one kind of site where you will not get lost because all designs are listed by enumeration. Available in Roll-up and Roman styles, the designs have series numbers with descriptions. Your attention will be brought to a catalogue type section where a wide selection of the window blinds with their prices is shown. The site includes chat service where you can reach their sales staff through SKYPE for other details.(
  10. Apartment Therapy – If what you are looking for are blinds that do not only provide privacy while diffusing daylight but also look great, work well, cost less, and are of excellent quality, this is the best site. White and cream are most popular, although they also offer subtle shades of olive, yellow, orange, green, blue, and pink as well. In 5 standard sizes, from 2 to 6 feet wide, all open to a maximum of 6 feet and install right on the window frame, to overhang the window opening. (
  11. Essortment – This is a site that all one can see is a clutter of information. In fairness, they do give information, sadly it all appears disorganized, there is no substance, in effect you could not have the idea being presented. You get distracted of the arrangement of the data. (

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