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Black Hair Weaving and Braiding Salons

To go for a different hair look in a particular time is popular among African American women since the 1990s. This look can be achieved by having a hair weave or braid which is the common term applied to describe human or artificial hair used to modify one’s natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to one’s natural hair or by covering the natural hair altogether with human or synthetic hair piece. As its popularity continues, so does the rise of black hair weaving and braiding salons with online sites.

  1. Fabulous City – This, as its name suggests, is a fabulous site. As you click each section you will come to see something like a power point presentation of all the information you need with all the pictures of different hair in the works. For anyone who has a liking for hair experimentation, you’ve got to check out this site, without getting bored as you scroll for that much needed hair suggestions and appropriate advice. (
  2. Patricia’s Salon– If you prefer the services of a salon with the numerous citations in the hair industry, Patricia’s Salon is for you. From the site you will get to know why they are the most awarded. Their edge includes having full time well-trained staff in all 4000 SF Luxury Hair Salon. Adjudged the best in New York area, the site boasts of well over 5000 actual pictures of clients most of them availing same day consultations and hair service. (
  3. Soul Cut Salon – With a video presentation in the site, you can have a glimpse of what they can do to enhance your crowning glory to your satisfaction. The site gives information about everything that addresses practically all hair concerns including hair care. Everyone with different hair types can benefit from this site. (
  4. Charles Gregory Salon – Aside from mentioning 10% discount for students and senior citizens with valid IDs, the site will give you what they call “Specials” which, when you will mention as you walk in a particular shop location will give you special price for particular services included in their promotion. The colorful slide presentation added flavor to the site enticing customer viewing. (
  5. Weaves By Gail – In existence for 17 years and has served Atlanta for 12 years, clients have named the center as hair recovery center enjoying accolades from the experts in the industry. Their site shows hair braiding in a very clear video presentation. From the appointment to the payment style, you will get the pertinent information from the site so that by the time you come in you have an idea as to what you can expect to happen as you avail their services.  (
  6. Anointed Hair Salon and Braiding– A participant in the upcoming Beauty/Hair Competition to happen in August 2012, the salon’s website does not pale in comparison with the other sites. It is simple but  well organized that you will be aided as to the kind of style that suits you through their style gallery. You don’t even have to put much effort as the site made use of slide show presentation that is not at all boring. It is also complete that you will not miss single information for that much needed hair service. (
  7. Art of Braiding Salon– Catering to African American women, checking the site is a wise idea since it affords clients with the best deals in town especially for the busiest ones. Several appointments can earn you huge discounts in particular days which you will be able to know from the site only. Logging on to the site will be to your advantage by availing their online appointment system. (
  8. Xclusive Hair Studio– With a catchy site tagline, this hair studio exclusively claimed their niche in the industry, one that only of their caliber holds. For the hair-conscious they are the best people to consult to, just refer to this site for new techniques that bring about healthy hair and most importantly check for “Specials”. If you prefer doing work alongside with self- pampering, you can bring in your laptops as the studio provides free WIFI. (
  9. Textures Hair Studio – The simplest site, one great feature is the review section by satisfied customers. Undeniably, people go for well-reviewed studio and they have done justice to their efforts by providing a space for this. The site being simple does not strain the eye as you follow every section to get the most information you want. (
  10. Friends The Salon– With a website as detailed as this you will come to see different services with the respective prices. There is no hassle in making an effort to get the price information which is important when considering hair services. Several salons have differing prices and this is an advantage because you get initial idea as to where you can get the best value for your money. This is one site recommended for the budget-conscious. (
  11. Ethnic Hair Salon – While this site provides information relevant to hair industry, there is inconsistency. If the purpose of their existence is to provide information, it should be complete. From one place the information should be uniform and same for all places so as to give readers a complete initial picture. Critical to the site is the sourcing of information, apparently this has not been given much attention. Women hair clients abound in different places and these information are vital in their search for the right place to go for hair services. (

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