Am I Doing This Right?

Is it only me or do everyone else in the world get racked by doubts about really simple things?

For example, I just got a loft built but don’t have any loft bed plans. Is this something I need or is it really just an option? Will guests and other unwanted visitors make fun of me behind my back because I have a bedless loft? Things were so much easier when my house was a loft free zone. Maybe I should tear the thing down. Or buy a bed.

Could I use the services of black hair weaving and braiding salons even though I have red hair? I would quite like to get my hair woven or braided but I have this horrible image of walking in there and having all these black haired people laughing at me. Will I need to live the rest of my life with unbraided hair or is there a way round this? Maybe I could dye my hair before going there and see if I could fool them into sorting me out with some weaves.

Maybe a Tiger torch is what I need. I bought a strap on head torch a while back and I still use it even now. The only problem is that, well, I look like a bit of a fool with it on. A fool with straight, red hair and a torch on his forehead no less. Good job they don’t know about my bedless loft. Would a Tiger torch be any better for me?

I have never spoken to any granite experts. I don’t have any granite in my house or about my person but maybe if I spoke to them they would tell me to get some in. In fact, maybe my big problem is that my home is completely granite free. I tried to do some research online but lost interest when I came across words such as phenocrysts and porphrytic. Oh, where are those blooming experts when you need them.

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