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Tiger Torch

A tiger torch is a construction equipment used to preheat piping systems prior to welding. It is said to be a durable and popular torch for carpentry workshops. It also requires safety precautions when used. Here are some sources for information about where you can obtain tiger torches at a great deal.

  1. Propane West – Based in Canada but delivers anywhere in the world, this company is a provider of any instrument that is used with propane. It advises extra care in handling these equipments. In this webpage, you will see the products they have available including a tiger torch kit and its peripherals. Contact them with the number found on-site for more details. (
  2. Find Articles about Propane Canada – This article is an account of an interview with the CEO of Tiger Torch Manufacturing Company. Here, you will find all the plausible uses of a tiger torch, available models and specifications of each as well as the inclusions in a tiger torch kit. To know more about this wonderful tool, I recommend reading this article. (
  3. ProDrill – This is an online store that sells drilling equipment and tiger torches are included in their catalog. By clicking the link, you will find 6 tiger torches with discounted prices. This is a good website if you are looking to have a rush purchase because it has efficient online store features. (
  4. Welding Torches from WeldMart – Of all the sites that sell tiger torches, this has by-far the most detailed description of the product that includes advantages, specifications, inclusions and requirements for use. The only caveat to this deal is that it is based in Australia and may just cater residents of that country. (
  5. Centreline Equipment Rentals – The link will lead you to the page in this online rental sop dedicated to tiger torches. You will see that the site provides you with complete information on the rental price depending on the duration. Requesting for a quote is also very easy. Just indicate how many tiger torches you want to rent and for how long you want to borrow it, fill up some forms and then you’re good to go. (
  6. Roger’s Rent All – Here you will find welding equipments for rent including tiger torches. Rates per a specified amount of time is indicated and a brief description of the product. Renting here is a viable option to purchasing because you won’t have to keep track and maintain such equipment. For a cheaper price, you get it just when you need it. (
  7. Acklands Grainger – The site prides itself to be a single source for all your industrial, safety and fastener products. Apparently tiger torches are one of them. The link will lead you to a list of products pertaining to tiger torches. Some of them are spare parts such as valves and frame cups and they also have in store a tiger torch kit and a propane tiger torches of different models. You will see here the specs and price of each product. (
  8. Acsa Safety – This is a link to a PDF file containing Safe Work Practices on the use of tiger torches. To prevent unwanted incidents such as accidents in the workshops while using this hazardous equipment, read on. (
  9. Arc Interiors Ltd. – This article describes tiger torches and how it can be dangerous when not properly used. The title may strike other as an overstatement but it is true, most especially if the ones using the tiger torch are irresponsible. The article provides points to keep in mind when using tiger torches to prevent accidents. If you own a workshop or you work in a construction site where tiger torches are used, it would be great if you can post these reminders to help avoid mishaps caused by improper use of tiger torches. (
  10. Sharecost Construction Tools for Rent – This is another one of those websites that provide equipments for rent, including the tiger torch. Product descriptions are provided as well as the usual rates per duration of time the equipment was rented. This site doesn’t work like an online store where you can make transactions through credit cards even when you’re just in the comfort of your home. The products here are just listed for reference but you can only make transactions by contacting the store through phone or by visiting the store itself.  (
  11. Tiger Torch at Castanet Classifieds – This website would have had the potential of being a good source of information on the tiger torch available here for sale; but in reality, aside from the price and contact information of the seller, no other specifications of the tiger torch for sale are presented, other than the fact that it is slightly used. Contacting the seller might solve the problem but it doesn’t look like a good deal due to the lack of information shared to the public. (

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