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Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft grinding is the process of grinding and resurfacing your engine’s crankshaft parts. It is vital to securing a properly reconditioned crankshaft. Here are some websites to give you more information on this process that enables you to maintain your engine’s crankshaft in perfect working condition. You may also find here a reliable shop to perform crankshaft grinding on your automotive engine.

  1. Crankshaft Company – This is the website of a company that takes pride in themselves for employing ASE certified engine machinists who can be relied on in performing repairs on small engine crankshafts. The webpage you’ll see by clicking the link contains an article that walks you through the process of crankshaft grinding. The site answers FAQ’s regarding this process and if you have further inquiries, you can contact them through this website. We are informed crankshaft grinding costs $10 per journal for standard passenger car crankshaft but industrial crankshafts with larger radius would cost more. (
  2. Center Auto Machine Shop – Although this is not a company or shop site that provides concrete machine services as requested by consumers, this website contains valuable information on the many services standard engine machine shops offer. One of these services is crankshaft grinding. Here, such process is efficiently described and it emphasizes the importance of this process to keep your engine in good condition. The article here also provides tips on how to find the best auto machine shop for acquiring crankshaft services. (
  3. In-Situ Machining Expert – This page is dedicated to proving that choosing the Goltens Company for any size crankshaft repair will do you good. It boasts of having repaired over 2,000 shafts on any size Main or Auxiliary engines. You will see that for bigger engine such as those for marine, industrial, stationary power and offshore sectors, Goltens provides expert response from highly trained and skilled technicians. For more information, read the article and be impressed by the expertise of this company in crankshaft grinding. Feel free to visit their corporate website easily accessible through the link for more information. (
  4. Carl Baguhn Hamburg – A modest site but in my opinion, facts presented here are reliable. The company’s main activities are reconditioning, repairs and sales of marine diesel engine components. Crankshaft grinding falls under these services and by clicking the link, you will find an article that describes how they perform the process and how their service is better than the rest. You can also find the company’s contact information on the header in case of further inquiries. (
  5. Yellow Pages – This article walks you through the crankshaft grinding process. If you are a consumer who just had his/her car placed on a shop to acquire this service, this might be helpful information for you so that you are not totally oblivious of what machinists have been doing to your precious car. Standard prices for crankshaft grinding plus surcharges for other necessary services are also found here. (
  6. Smiles Engineering UK –This is the corporate website to Smiles Engineering Company in UK that specializes in Engine Reconditioning/Engine Remanufacture. Crankshaft grinding is one of the services they offer. They promise to deliver quality results. Clicking the link will lead you to their description of how they perform the crankshaft grinding process. They also supply fully tested replacements if ever they find that your crankshaft is beyond repair. (
  7. Ron’s Precision Machine, Inc. – This is also just an article on how crankshaft grinding works. Apparently this company used to perform these services but now they just settled on providing relevant information on how to properly install crankshafts. (www.
  8. HM Gem Engines – This company boasts of offering a cost effective crankshaft reconditioning service to its clients. Tests are extensively performed to assure viability for reuse of the crankshaft. Only when they have performed necessary checks on the crankshaft do they perform the machining process to avoid hassles in the future. This link leads you to an article containing full disclosure of how they perform the process of crankshaft grinding complete with pictures and step by step description of the processes undertaken. (
  9. RA Power Solutions – This is another company that takes pride in having a long history of performing crank shaft repairs, 30 years to be specific. They employ technicians and engineers who are trained in crankshaft machining facilities based in Europe and USA. In this webpage, just like the rest others that we have visited so far, you will see the concrete advantages of performing crankshaft grinding especially if you opt to have this company’s machinists do it for you. The type of crankshafts they can perform crankshaft grinding to are listed here as well as the main features of their services and equipments which are all impressive, I must say. They are also transparent in stating how they perform crankshaft grinding for engines that has relatively larger diameters. (
  10. Goodson – From here, you will see a list of articles pertaining to Crankshaft Grinding which is particularly helpful to machinists but may also be interesting information to consumers. ASE Certified Master Machinists write these articles so we can assume their reliability. Some of these articles include How to Properly Dress Crankshaft Grinding Wheels, Crankshaft Grinding Tips, Troubleshooting Common Crank Grinding Problems, etc. The articles are concise, complete and easy to understand. (
  11. Hindle Reman – This webpage is Hindle Reman’s link to their crankshaft grinding services. They are probably competitive in performing such service but their website isn’t nearly as competitive as its counterparts. The brief information on crankshaft grinding isn’t transparent enough for consumers to count on them to restore their engine’s crankshaft in good working condition. (

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